Scaffolding for Automotive Air Conditioning Learning Environment

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Janus S. Liang

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John Wiley & Sons


This research is to construct a scaffold-based learning environment of automotive air conditioning system repair and maintenance by using technologies of Internet, virtual reality, CAD graphic processing and 2D animation. It is a useful system of air conditioning system troubleshooting training for such learners as colleague or vocational school students or novices in automotive repair industry, etc. This environment is composed of different units, helping learns to understand different types of automotive air conditioning system troubles, their causes and corresponding troubleshooting steps. In this research, an experiment composed of a pre-test and a post-test on the sampled learners was conducted to measure if the learning environment was helpful for them in improving their automotive air conditioning system troubleshooting knowledge and skills. In addition, a user satisfaction questionnaire survey was also conducted and the user satisfaction rate reached as high as nearly 0.98, indicating the learners did find the learning system satisfactory and helpful. In conclusion, the learning system developed in this research can help promote the training of automotive air conditioning system maintenance and repair.