Control of Uncertain Active Suspension System with Antilock Braking system Using Fuzzy Neural Controller

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W.-Y. Wang
M.-C. Chen
Y.-H. Chien
T.-T. Lee

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This paper proposes anti-lock braking system to integrate with active suspensions system applied in a quarter vehicles model, and can use a road estimate to get the road condition. This estimate is based on the LuGre friction model with a road condition parameter, and can transmit a reference slip ration to slip ratio controller through a mapping function considering the effect of road characteristics. In the controller design, an observer-based direct adaptive fuzzy-neural controller (DAFC) for an ABS is developed. After, this paper will discuss that active suspension system influence on ABS. Active suspension systems are not ideal, unchanging, and certain, as many control systems assume. If parts of the suspension system fail, it becomes an uncertain system. In such cases, we need an approximator to remodel this uncertain system to maintain good control. We propose a new method to on-line identify the uncertain active suspension system and design a T-S fuzzy-neural controller to control it. Finally, integrating algorithm is constructed to coordinate these two subsystems. Simulation results of the ABS with active suspension system, and is shown to provide good effectiveness under varying conditions.