Facebook 的使用對成人混成式學習之影響

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National Taiwan Normal University


本研究主要目的在探討導入Facebook 輔助以數位學習為主的成人學習者學習,是否可增加互動機會、降低因時空分隔產生的學習孤立感,進而提升學習滿意度?採用實驗設計法,以兩班64位成人學習者為研究對象,使用混成式學習模式並參考Salmon(2003)的五階段模型設計非同步教學活動。研究發現:一、採用Facebook 可增加學習者之社會臨場感與學習滿意度,但對合作學習態度及學習成績則沒有顯著影響;二、社會臨場感、合作學習態度、學習滿意度及學習成績彼此具有顯著正向關係;三、社會臨場感會正向影響學習滿意度;四、社會臨場感為學習滿意度的重要影響因素。本研究成果可作為成人教學者在教學策略及方法的設計參考。
This study explored the possibility of using Facebook in online instruction as an auxiliary tool for promoting interaction. The goal was to increase interaction and intimacy among learners to reduce the feeling of isolation and increase learner satisfaction. This research adopted an empirical design and recruited a total of 64 students from two classes. The classes were taught using a blended learning mode. Asynchronous instructional activities were designed according to the five-stage model proposed by Salmon (2003). We collected data from both Facebook and the online learning platform. According to the research findings, social presence, attitude toward collaborative learning, learning satisfaction, and learning outcomes were positively related with statistical significance. In addition, the use of Facebook promoted learners’ social presence and learning satisfaction. The impact of social presence on the attitude toward collaborative learning and learning outcome was not significant. However, social presence had a positive impact on learning satisfaction. The results of this research can be used to develop instructional designs and strategies for online adult learners.