Concierge Care Services (Hong Kong) Limited, GenderRe: Business Plan

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The purpose of this business plain is to clearly define the purpose, strategy and nature of business by which Concierge Care Services (A Hong Kong Limited Company) is to operate as a commercial entity. This information is targeted specifically towards our key stakeholders, prospective institutional providers of banking and financial services as well as to support the business by defining a clear strategy and course of action to achieve its ultimate goals and act as an tool to measure the desired vs actual performance as operations develop. The company’s primary presence is an online platform where individuals can seek medically curated information regarding gender and gender-identity related conditions. Thus presenting an opportunity to provide help and support to people in need. Should the surgeon sees fit, after at least one year of life of his or her intended gender (with the hormone therapy under the supervision of a qualified endocrinologist), the individual, identified as transgender and diagnosed by two (independent) psychiatrists, may be deemed a candidate to surgically complete their transition. Beyond providing a community, where patients, families and the community at large are able to make more informed decision about gender identity issues, Concierge Care Services, is able to generate revenue from such individuals by providing a concierge service to help undergo this often confusing and expensive process of transitioning. Our firm is better positioned to capture this market opportunity rather than others due to the relative strengths of the relationships we have with our partners and the critical position held by them in this industry. Similarly, we are uniquely positioned to receive considerable media publicity which although short term in its broadcast, through the talent of our advisors, will be able to accelerate our companies promotion. Our value proposition as a concierge provider, whose partners are the best in their field, is further enhanced by the passion they have for this community and their extensive networks. Thus in the eyes of the consumer in a market where prices are transparent and uniform, the total perceived value derived from our service is greater than that of our competitors To sustain this competitive edge, the firm relies strongly on its partners, who are very much engaged with the community allowing the firm to remain responsive to changes and consumer opinion. This responsiveness would be a core competency of the firm, which is further aided by its lean organizational structure and partner/network business model. External stakeholder engagement through the intended relationship with ‘Susans Network’ by way of corporate sponsorship will further enhance the competitive strengths of the firm. We believe that the uniqueness of this model is unparalleled and by combining these two complementary (revenue& non-revenue generating) activities, we can attain a first-mover advantage and maintain a dominant position. As far as the uniqueness of this business model compared to competitors, we are in the market of only a handful of such dedicated concierge services, and our business is the only one that has a transgender partner involved in it so closely. Similarly, in a market where the majority of potential patients are native English speakers (the competitor is Thai), our strength to better communicate and understand the customer is a clear advantage. The limited scope of the market also lends us to believe that only one business can maintain such a position.



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