IPv6中介軟體之研究 Research on IPv6-Based Middleware

Yang, Jr Bin
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  隨著網際網路範圍日益廣泛,傳統IPv4通訊協定32bit之IP位址未來可能不敷使用,加上行動連網、Qos相關應用需求日益增加,各國專家學者認為IPv6通訊協定具有128位元之IP位址,並內建優良行動連網、Qos與安全性功能,補足許多IPv4不足的地方,IPv6通訊協定被公認為下一代網際網路主要通訊協定。   本研究提出以IPv6為基礎之中介軟體通訊管理架構,此架構中結合IPv6 Tunnel技術及以IPv6通訊協定為基礎之SOAP訊息技術。除此之外,本研究在此通訊管理架構上發展出IPv6為基礎之嵌入式環境SOAP無線連網系統架構,更進一步依此系統架構發展行動交通即時路況通報應用系統。   過去國際IPv6技術研究多著重在Network Layer與Transport Layer,並未有Session Layer以上之相關研究議題,本研究針對Session Layer以上之Middleware提出通訊管理架構並發展出IPv6為基礎之Web Service嵌入式環境無線連網系統架構,除了簡化日後發展各種IPv6關鍵應用之流程,並提出VPN結合IPv6 tunnel的技術,與現有IPv6 Tunnel相比,可提供IPv6更安全、更便利之連網方式。
 As the number of Internet users increases, together with the use of mobile service and QoS-related application, there is a growing need of improving the amount of IP addresses. Traditional IPv4 protocol, using 32 bits IP address, will probably fall short of usage in the near future. Recently, a new version of Internet protocol, IPv6, is proposed. This newly formed Internet protocol, which solves the problems of mobile network as well as QoS and security issues, offers solutions as regards the weaknesses of IPv4. Therefore, many specialists in this field believe that IPv6 will be the major communication protocol of the next Internet generation.  This research focuses on the architecture for IPv6-based middleware communication management. This architecture combines the technique of IPv6 tunneling and IPv6-based SOAP messages. Furthermore, this research develops a framework of wireless SOAP communication system in an embedded environment which is based on the proposed IPv6-based middleware architecture. In addition, we use this framework to develop a mobile real-time traffic report application system.  From our observation, past research on IPv6 mainly focuses on network layer and transport layer, neglecting problems concerning the session layer for IPv6. This research focuses on the middleware above the session layer and develops architecture of IPv6-based web services in wireless embedded systems. The proposed architecture not only simplifies the development process of IPv6 key applications, but also implements the idea of combining VPN with IPv6 tunneling, which is a safer and more convenient than the present IPv6 tunneling approach.
中介軟體, 網際網路通訊協定第六版, 資訊網服務, 嵌入式, Middleware, IPv6, Web Service, Embeded