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本研究目的旨在探討VB程式設計初學者的除錯行為及他們對於除錯的看法。研究方法主要是以問卷調查方式瞭解學生除錯的看法,並以質性分析方式分析個案學生除錯過程中的行為,最後輔以訪談以進一步探討前述除錯看法及行為產生之原因。問卷調查對象為台北市某高職三年級資料處理科學生兩班共72人,其中八人並進行除錯過程分析及訪談;程式設計除錯的範圍包括變數、判斷、迴圈、及副程式等基本概念。 研究結果顯示,大部分學生認為自己的除錯技巧不足,並認為除錯技巧與個人天分或經驗有關;而當學生無法解決程式錯誤時,會先求助同學,其次才是老師。雖然學生指出他們會利用除錯工具來找出錯誤,但實際觀察其除錯過程發現,他們僅能倚賴編譯環境呈現的訊息(如「錯誤清單」、「波浪狀底線標註」)來找到程式錯誤,卻甚少使用或不知道如何使用除錯工具(如「逐步執行」、「設定中斷點」)。此外,學生表示他們不喜歡除錯,但成功除錯會讓他們有成就感並且增加信心。針對研究結果,建議教師可以藉由教學設計增強學生除錯的成就感,使學生能以更正向的態度面對程式錯誤,並能瞭解除錯也有其系統性的方法,非僅依個人天賦。建議未來研究可以增加學生樣本數,以增加研究的外在效度;並可以進一步探討學生在進階程式設計概念(如陣列、遞迴等)的學習,以期更全面性的了解學生的除錯行為。
This study aims to investigate the debugging behaviors of novices in Visual Basic (VB) programming. Seventy-two students from a vocational high school in Taipei City participated in the study. The data collected for analysis were the questionnaire results answered by all students to learn their self-perceived behaviors and perceptions of debugging, the video-taped and screenshot-recorded debugging scenarios of eight case students, and the interview data of the eight students. The analysis results showed that most students considered themselves lack of debugging skills and believed these skills were kindly bound to individual’s nature and could not be learned; they did not like the challenges of debugging but enjoyed the success of resolving bugs. When encountering debugging problems, they would seek help from colleagues first rather than the teachers. Although students indicated that they used VB debugging tools to locate errors, our observation revealed that they could only relied on system provided error messages but could not use or be aware of the existence of debugging tools such as “breakpoint”. To engage novices’ in debugging, teachers may consider adopting proper instructional design so that students’ sense of accomplishment could be reinforced. Future studies may repeat this study but with larger sample size to improve the external validity.



程式設計初學者, 除錯, Visual Basic, Novice programmer, Debugging, Visual Basic