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Department of English, NTNU


The formal qualities and innovative aspects of Peter Reading’s poetry have beenlargely ignored or evaluated from a limited perspective due to the pessimisticsubject matter, the gloomy images of “Junk Britain” and the deteriorating earth.This paper attempts to revitalize his legacy within the late twentieth century bybridging a dialogue between his work and Pierre Joris’s vision of nomad poetics.Joris’s engagement with nomadicity in A Nomad Poetics (2003) might provide acertain critical consciousness in associating Reading’s trope of evagation inEvagatory (1992) with the state of linguistic homelessness, the wandering of amind through numerous textual, cultural, spatial borders, and lastly the poem asan unfinalized construct. This paper suggests that nomadic trajectory inEvagatory is foregrounded by constantly shifting registers, crossing of poeticboundaries, and trans-corporeal relations. Then, it aims to analyze the nondiscursive visual patterns and collage practices in Evagatory to explore the text’s“rhizomatic” relations. The trope of evagation in Reading’s mid-career workforegrounds how Reading actually works at the edge of the margins of literarytraditions, of linguistic comprehensibility, of the visual and the verbal, and thepoetic and unpoetic materials