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Title: 認知風格與科學學習成就的關係(一)
Authors: 楊坤原
Issue Date: Nov-1996
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 本文主旨在探討由Witkin所提出之「場地獨立/依賴」型認知風格與科學學習的關係。全文共分五個部份。緒論部份說明認知風格的研究背景與重要性,第二部份敘述認知風格的意義及其特性,第三部份除闡述「場地獨立/依賴」構念的發展歷程,理論基礎與特性外,並對以往有關認知風格與智力或能力的異同之爭議作比較與評述,另外,對於「場地獨立/依賴」與訊息處理之間的關係也予以澄清,第四部份進行「場地獨立/依賴」在科學教師教學與學生之學習成就方面的文獻探討,以歸納出「場地獨立/依賴」與科學學習成就的關係,第五部份則綜觀全文。作-結論並提小建議。 由文獻探討的結果顯示,認知風格可透過教師的教學、師生互動與學生的訊息處理方式等途徑來影響學生的科學學習成就。場地獨立型的學生在科學學習成就,科學解題與文章閱讀理解等方面的表現均優於場地依賴者。
The main purpose of this study is to inquire the relationship between the cognitive style of "Field independence/dependence (FDI) "suggested by Witkin and science learning achievement. There were five parts included in this paper. The first part expl Literature review showed that cognitive style (FDI) could impact the science learning achievement of students through teaching, interactions between a teacher and students, and students' information procession ways. The performance of science learning achievement, science problem solving, and text reading comprehension of field independent learners were better than those of field dependent learners.
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