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Title: 科學教育與心靈重整--通識化科學教育的必要性及其應達成的目標
Other Titles: Science Education and Mind Reformation--The Necessity of Carrying Out Science Education in a General-Education form and the Purposes of Its Implementation
Authors: 趙金祁
Issue Date: Apr-1997
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 本文由實證科學的道德中立說著手,討論心靈重整的諸般問題。作者闡述元理論、規範倫理、與應用倫理的基本概念并概述歷史上人類所遭遇的六件人性價值集體毀滅事件;同時,亦對兩千年來的科學發展,有所說明。作者認為科學發展是社會劇烈變遷的主因,且大科學主義對消弭變遷中的人倫沉淪,毫無助益。因此,科學教育未達成齊全稱性的責任,宜對應用倫理,有所貢獻。尤其,已通識方式,將科學可能為人類帶來「利」與「害」兩方面的效果,同時向學生介紹,想必可在道德弘揚上發生正面作用。作者建議世人宜持有「求如」的意境,俾不為眾說紛紜左右,而為自己尋求準備的道德決策。
The author discusses the importance of mind reformation, putting emphases on problems raised by the amorality of science. Explanation is made in terms of metaethies, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Historically, the author mentions six kinds of state of hostility, conflict, opposition, or antagonism between diverse forces. Comparably, descriptions are made of latest 2000 years of science development. It is concluded that science causes enormous changes in human societies and scientific knowledge, especially scientism, has nothing to do with elimination of human conflicts as well as evils. The idea of the “the war to end war” is by no means helpful avoiding further disasters and science education has the role to contribute its part in applied ethics. Science courses are suggested to be taught in a general-education from with emphases places on both the positive outcome and the shortcoming of sciences. Besides, each human being is encouraged remain unperturbed or to learn authentic states in making moral decision in case of no agreement among many views.
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