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Title: 高中學生電腦網路使用習慣與網路學習觀點調查
Other Titles: Analysis of Questionnaire on Internet Use and e-Learning for High School
Authors: 傅學海
Hsieh-Hai Fu, An-Le Chen
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
Science Education Center,National Normal University
Abstract: 為了解高中生使用網路在通訊、休閒和學習方面的習慣,選擇三所高中共 219 位學生(男113 ;女106 )參與問卷調查。其結果顯示幾乎所有的學生均有個人電腦也有上網,使用網路已經成為高中生的社交、學習與娛樂的重要工具之一。但是在網路的用途上是有性別差異的:男生多用於通訊和遊戲,而女生則傾向於網路漫遊和做作業。由於缺乏自我學習成效,網路學習的動機不強。因此我們認為引導學生如何善用網路教材資源也是一個重要的課題。
To understand the internet use in communication, leisure and e-learning, the survey involved 219 students (1 13 males and 106 females) in three high schools. The results show that almost all students have a computer and use internet at home. They use internet as an important implement in social, leisure and academic. There is a gender difference in the internet usage: males use it more for communication and playing games; Females intend to use computers more for internet surfing and doing homework. Although the students do apply the internet to do assignments, the motivation of e-learning is not strong because of lack of self-efficacy. Thus we suggest that it is necessary to guide students to use e-learning resources in efficient way.
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