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dc.contributor.authorLin, Chien-Yu-
dc.contributor.authorLiao, Yung-
dc.identifier.citationBMC Public Health. 2017 Aug 18;17(1):665-
dc.description.abstractAbstract Background Although research has shown that numerous perceived environmental factors are supportive of physical activity, little is known about their associations with sedentary transport in motorcycle-oriented countries. This study examined the association between perceptions of Taiwan’s environmental factors and urban adults’ motorcycle use. Methods Cross-sectional data from 1003 Taiwanese adults aged 20–64 years from three urban cities were collected through telephonic surveys in 2015. Data on motorcycle use, sociodemographic variables, and perceived environmental attributes were obtained. Logistic regression analyses were performed. Results In Model 1, adults who perceived favorable access to public transport and destinations, presence of sidewalks, and safety from crimes at night were less likely to use motorcycles. In Model 2, in which potential covariates were additionally adjusted for, the same four environmental attributes (perceived favorable access to public transport and destinations, presence of sidewalks, and safety from crimes at night; odds ratio [OR] = 0.46, 0.65, 0.63, 0.64, respectively) were significantly associated with motorcycle use. Conclusion The investigated perceived environmental factors, which have previously been associated with facilitating active transportation, discourage sedentary modes of transport, such as motorized vehicles.-
dc.titlePerceptions of activity-supportive environment and motorcycle use among urban Taiwanese adults-
dc.typeJournal Article-
dc.rights.holderThe Author(s).-
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