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Title: 以生態系統觀點析論高中體育班學生學習與升學進路
Learning and Advanced Education of High School Students in Athletic Class
Other Titles: A Perspective of Ecological Systems
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2013
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 目的:以生態系統理論看各系統對高中體育班學生升學進路之期待,並以生態系統理論探討各系統對高中體育班學生學業學習之觀點與做法。方法:針對大臺北地區某高中體育班之學生、家長、教練、教師、行政人員及相關政策執行者,進行半結構式訪談。結果:個體、微觀系統皆期待以術科取向之升學進路就讀體育相關科系,中間、鉅觀系統則期待體育班學生能開闊更多領域,不限於體育科系;在體育班學生學習的生態中,社會價值觀及相關體育政策(鉅觀系統)影響教練、教師及家長(微觀系統)對學生運動表現及課業學習之重視。結論:運動員培育及升學進路的術科取向,利於升學,對體育班學生是一大優勢。學校學習情形未有完整輔導機制,導致其學業能力嚴重失衡,侷限學生發展可能性,不利其將來融入一般社會競爭。
Purpose: Observe the expectations for the education advance of high school students in athletic class from the theory of ecological systems and discuss the correlations between the academic performances and education advance of high school students in athletic class. Methods: Semi-structure interviews were conducted with students, parents, coaches, teachers, and administrators of athletic class in one of the high schools in Taipei as well as policy makers. Results: Both of Individual and micro-system expected high school athletes to advance their education based on the athletic performances and enter athletic-related departments; Meso and macro-system expected high school students in athletic class to broaden their scopes instead of following merely the athletic path. In the learning ecology of high school athletes, the social values and relevant physical education policies (macro-system) had impacts on the views of coaches, teachers, and parents (micro-system) on the athletic and academic performances of students in athletic class. Conclusions: The skill-orientated athlete cultivations and education advance benefits high school students in athletic class when pursuing higher education. However, the insufficient counseling mechanism of academic learning in high school leads to severely unbalanced situation between academic and athletic performances of students in athletic class which limits their future development and impedes their social competitiveness.
ISSN: 1024-7297
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