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Title: 愉悅的逾越者-跨性別族群運動參與行為之探索與模式建構
The Exploration of Sport Experience and Model Construction of Sport Participative Behavior for the Transgender
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 在現代社會中,性別的認同不只是侷限在傳統的生理性別認同,心理上的性別認 同也成為關注的焦點。自1973 年美國精神醫學會(American Psychiatric Association) 宣佈將同性戀從心理異常名單中移除後,同志族群在社會化、組織化及AIDS 恐懼的 蹂躝之下,尋求一個更健康、更全方面生活方式的聲音在同志社群中引起熱烈的迴響。 在臺灣方面,1990 年後,針對同志的休閒運動組織、體適能中心、休閒活動相關產業 便因而蓬勃發展,且參與人口呈現爆炸性的成長。但在現今強調多元性別社會的口號 中,性別學術界對運動場域中的跨性別現象卻甚少著墨,而運動學術界對跨性別議題 的探討與研究則又更少。是以本研究擬編製「女同志休閒運動參與行為模式建構調查 問卷」,以便利抽樣調查、滾雪球樣本調查與電子網路問卷調查方式進行資料收集, 俾以建構女同志休閒運動參與模式。再依所建構之模式,以深度訪談、田野調查方式 深入探討女同志之運動社群文化的形成與影響。進一步再參考此模式之架構與影響變 項,結合跨性別相關文獻的蒐整與田野觀察及深度訪談,再現跨性別社群在休閒運動 領域中之生命經驗。 期望透過本研究讓社會異/同之間能有更直接且深入的了解與交流互動外,亦能提 供未來面對休閒運動場域中諸多跨性別族群時,提供有效參與策略,並透過休閒運動 來連結與對話,讓這群在社會邊緣的異質空間中愉悅的逾越者,有一個對多元性別更 尊重、更友善之運動場域與空間。
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from the list of recognized mental disorders (DSM) in 1973. Since then, the homosexual community had been looking forward to a healthier, more comprehensive life, though under the trample of socialization, organization and the fear of AIDS. In Taiwan, homosexual gyms, recreation centers and sports organizations were flourished after 1990 and the homo participants grew dramatically. However, despite the slogan of promoting multicultural society the transgender/transsexual issues in sport fields were way neglected both in gender studies and sports studies. Therefore, the purpose of the first stage of this research is to construct the participative behavior model for lesbian people through self-developed questionnaire which entitles “The Questionnaire of Sport Participative Behavior for Lesbians”. The questionnaires will be sent to the subjects by convenient sampling, snowball sampling and on-line questionnaire. Then base on the model established, in-depth interviews and field study will be conducted in order to reveal the formation and effect of sport community culture for lesbian people. At the second stage of this research, the model for lesbians will be extended to transgender/transsexual people to re-present their life experience in sport fields. In conclusion, this research will provide practical promoting strategies of sport participation for transgender people and expect to re-present their life experience in sport fields. Hopefully, there could be more understating between the sameness and differences through this research.
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