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Title: 太極拳雙人定步推手對練之生物力學研究
Biomechanical Evaluation in Tai Chi Quan Fixed-Step Push Hands
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 太極拳的定步推手練習,是套路練習之後的進階訓練,讓練習者能領會拳理,掌握 身體各部位的鬆柔,維持重心的穩定,同時藉著太極八法的運用讓對手失去平衡,進而 達到克敵制勝的目的。本研究將以定步推手訓練法中較為基本的單搭手掤式與雙搭手 掤、按二式,對六組共十二位練習太極拳推手五年以上的選手進行實驗,探討定步推手 練習中,雙方的動作、重心軌跡以及地面反作用力的交互作用。本實驗將採用Vicon 三 維動作分析系統和Kistler 測力板同步收集攻守雙方的運動學與動力學資料,分析的參數 包括:重心軌跡、壓力中心位置、上下肢關節角度、角速度、角加速度、水平與垂直地 面反作用力、下肢關節受力及力矩,並採用無母數統計法進行資料的統計分析,定p<.05 為顯著水準。
The practice of fixed-step push hands is an advanced training of Tai Chi Quan, which could help practitioners maintaining the stability and handling the flexibility of human body. With performing “Eight Methods of Tai Chi”and “Five Methods to Ponder the Insight of the Tai Chi Classics”, the practitioner could induce unbalance of the opponent and win the game. The purpose of this research is to determine the interaction of defensive and offensive practitioners in real Tai Chi Quan fixed-step push hands training. Twelve Tai Chi Quan push hands practitioners with 5 years experiences above will participate in this experiment. Vicon 3D motion analysis system and Kistler force plates will be used to record and analyze the trajectory of center of mass and center of pressure, joint kinematics and kinetics of upper and lower limbs, and ground reaction force. Non-parametric Statistics will be used, p<0.05 is considered as significant difference.
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