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Title: 運動教練實踐經驗的知識探索
On the Practical Epistemology of Sport Coaches
Other Titles: 窺見一位網球教練的知識世界
Grasping a Tennis Coach's Knowledge World
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2008
Publisher: 臺灣身體文化學會、揚智文化事業股份有限公司
Abstract: 運動社會科學,致力於教練領導行爲的探討;運動自然科學,開發新知提供教練參考;但是從教練的立場來看,不管各種運動學科知識多麼具體精確,都必須通過教練們「實踐」的整合,才能內化爲教練的專業素養,並實際應用於訓練或比賽。教練實踐經驗,雖然是教練專業重要的知識基礎,卻在體育學術研究的傳統上,一直無法得到青睞,因爲從主流學術的角度來看,實踐是教練的個人行爲,屬於私人經驗,而科學研究追求的是普世共通的知識,教練經驗的個人性、私密性、境遇性、以及特殊性,恰不符合科學研究追求普遍主義的要求。教練實踐知識需要體育學術研究,透過另類的知識論觀點,詳盡地檢視其意義、屬性和內涵。本論文透過現象學反省、個案教練自敘、焦點團體共敘,以及人類學深描,對一個職業網球教練的外顯知識及內隱知識的內容和來源,進行蒐集、登錄、歸類與詮釋,同時對實踐知識的擷取方式重作反思,希望能爲運動教練研究,建構出一個以教練爲主體的實踐知識論。
Sports science in these years has seen a great variety of approaches that all hope can contribute to strengthen coaches' performance. Practice without scientific supervision often leaves physical education scholars uncomfortable in an important sense. This is surprising as the knowledge of sports science is usually viewed by high-performance coaches as too technical and non-applicable to the actual sport setting. Bridging the gap between sports science and coaching requires a better understanding of the essence of a coach's practical knowledge which is understudied in nowadays academic research of physical education. For theoreticians claim coaches' practice-based experience is highly personal and context specific and thus can not be justified into scientific generalization pursue. This study argues that a coach's practice-based experience can be classified into explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. The aim of this study is to contribute to clarity about the ingredient and the resource of a coach's explicit and tacit knowledge. Through phenomenological reflection self-narration, co-narration and anthropological thick description, this study tries to disclose the knowledge a professional tennis coach actually does and learns that makes up his practice. These several ways of bounding coaching knowledge are closely linked to generate a more specific and relevant epistemology of coaches' practical knowledge.
ISSN: 1994-1900
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0103_01_036
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