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Title: 將評量回饋意見融入寫作修改教學以促進學生文稿之修改
Other Titles: Motivating Revision by Integrating Feedback Into Revision Instructions
Authors: Shu-Chen Huang
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 外語教師常對學生習作草稿給予個別書面回饋,這類回饋常未能使學生改好文章,部分原因在於給評的方式不能充分溝通訊息。近來有研究直接教學生修改,有效提升了學生文稿的品質。本研究融合上述兩種方法,將針對學生草稿的評語整合到寫作修改教學之中,整理出寫作修改教學內容,教學後由學生修改文稿,修改前後的文稿邀請兩位評分員獨立給分,另以開放式問題於課程平臺蒐集學生對此學習經驗的意見。研究結果顯示學生每次的修改都較之前的草稿有顯著的進步,其中文章內容及架構的進步幅度優於文法及用字,然而沒有資料可證明學生在進入下一回的寫作及修改練習時,亦有同樣明確的進展。
Second language writing teachers usually provide individual written feedback on learner drafts. Research shows that such feedback often fails to improve learner texts partly due to communication problems in the way feedback is given. Although directly teaching revision may help learners enhance the quality of their writing, many such revision instructions are an independent component added to traditional feedback. It is of interest to determine if feedback to learner drafts could be incorporated into revision instructions and help learners improve their texts. In an EFL course of 38 freshmen, the researcher implemented feedback principles in designing three revision lessons. Teaching points were based on common problems identified. After three rounds of writing, each consisting of a draft-instruction-revision sequence, the drafts and revisions were evaluated by two independent raters. In addition, learner experience was examined through an openended questionnaire. Findings indicate that learners improved from each draft to its revision, and the effect was more obvious at global/ textual than at local/linguistic levels. However, it is inconclusive whether this positive effect continued from one task to the next. Although learner response to the feedback-embedded revision instruction was generally positive, the participating students also indicated a desire for traditional individual feedback.
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