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Title: 聽力輔助對第二語言學習者聽力理解的效用:後設分析研究
Other Titles: The Effectiveness of Listening Support on L2 Learners’ Listening Comprehension Ability: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Natsuko Shintania
Matthew P. Wallaceb
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在報導一個後設分析研究,其目的在探討聽力輔助對第二語言學習者聽力理解的效用。我們共取得了18 篇相關研究,且以前後測聽力理解變化的效果量進行編碼。首先,我們藉由比較聽力輔助的有無,剖析聽力輔助的效果;接著,我們探究語言輔助(如,單字教學)及語境輔助(如,圖像訊息)兩種主要輔助方式的效果。後續的調節變項分析則檢定三個中介變項的影響力:聽力輔助使用時機、輔助教學時間的長短、聽力素材輸入主控者(教師或學生)。根據研究結果,我們得到以下結論:(一)聽力輔助能增進聽力練習的成效。(二)語言輔助的效果量大於語境輔助。而調節變項分析的結果顯示,聽力輔助使用時機與輔助教學時間,無顯著調節效果。然而,聽力素材輸入主控者之差異則具顯著調節效果:學生為聽力素材主控者的練習,其效果量顯著高於以教師為主控者的練習。文末,我們討論本研究發現的理論與教學意義以及小規模後設分析的角色。
This article reports on a meta-analysis of studies that investigated the effectiveness of listening support on L2 listening comprehension ability. Altogether 18 studies were retrieved and coded for effect sizes from pre-to-post change. We first analyzed the effects of listening support by comparing listening practice with support to listening practice without support (i.e., listening exposure only). We then compared the effects of two main types of listening support: linguistic support (e.g., vocabulary teaching) and contextual support (e.g., pictorial information). The subsequent moderator analysis tested the impact of three mediator variables: the timing of listening support, the length of instruction, and the agent of input control (either teacher or students). The results showed that (1) listening support increased the effectiveness of listening practice; and (2) linguistic support showed a larger effect size than contextual support. The moderator analysis showed that there were no significant group differences in the timing of listening support or the length of listening practice. However, listening practice where students controlled the listening materials had a significantly larger effect size than teacher-controlled input practice. We discuss the theoretical and pedagogical significance of these findings and the role of small-scale meta-analyses.
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