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Title: 英語學習者對差異化口語學習評量之看法
Other Titles: EFL Learner Perceptions of Differentiated Speaking Assessment Tasks
Authors: Hui-Chuan Liao
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 差異化教學與評量之理念與諸項學習動機與學習理論精神相符,但目前卻少有研究探討差異化學習評量在EFL ( 英語為外國語)情境下之使用。因此,本研究就學生對於差異化學習評量之看法,包括差異化學習評量的效度、公平性、回沖效應以及改進建議進行探討,且進一步分析學習者看法是否因其群體學習導向和英語能力之不同而有所差異。本研究針對300 位大二學生進行問卷施測,並訪談其中六名研究對象,蒐集量化與質化資料。資料分析法包含敘述性分析、單因子與雙因子變異數分析、單純效果分析以及持續比較分析法。整體而言,學生對於差異化學習評量抱持正向態度;因此,在多元能力英語口語課室中實施差異化學習評量,對促進學生語言發展應有助益。研究結果進一步顯示,學生對差異化學習評量之看法,受到個人英語能力與群體學習導向個別作用與交互作用所影響。本文文末根據研究結果,針對在英語課室使用差異化教學與評量以及未來研究方向提出建議。
Although differentiated instruction and assessment correspond with various motivation and learning theories, few studies have examined the use of differentiated assessment in English as a foreign language (EFL) contexts. Therefore, in this study, the manner in which EFL learners perceived aspects of differentiated assessment regarding validity, fairness, backwash, and ways to improve differentiated assessment task construction was examined. The effects of group learning orientation (GLO) and English proficiency on learner perceptions were also investigated. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected by administrating questionnaires to 300 university sophomores and interviewing 6 participants. Descriptive analyses, one-way and two-way analyses of variance, simple effect analyses, and the constant comparative method were used for data analyses. Overall positive perceptions were observed, thus supporting the implementation of differentiated assessment to facilitate language development in mixed-ability second language (L2) speaking classes. Learner perceptions were found to be affected by the level of English proficiency and GLO. Interaction effects between proficiency and GLO were also observed. The findings are discussed in terms of pedagogical recommendations for using differentiation in L2 contexts and suggestions for conducting further research concerning differentiated assessment.
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