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Title: 以語料庫分析期刊作者、母語為英語者及臺灣英語學習者學術英文片語動詞之使用
Other Titles: A Corpus Study on Phrasal Verb Use in the Academic Writing of Published Authors, Native English-Speaking Students, and Taiwanese EFL Learners
Authors: Howard Hao-Jan Chena , Christine Ting-Yu Yangb, Ivan Feng-Fan Weic , Abby Jiangd
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究透過比較分析臺灣碩士論文語料庫、期刊論文語料庫與母語為英語者碩士論文語料庫,探討應用語言學領域的臺灣英語學習者與期刊作者及母語為英語者在學術英文片語動詞使用之異同。研究結果顯示臺灣英語學習者使用片語動詞的數量(tokens)顯著性高於另外兩組,但在使用的片語動詞類型上(types) 卻有明顯的侷限性。此外,本研究也找出八組常用的核心片語動詞,其中point out 和come up 是臺灣英語學習者過度使用的片語動詞,而carry out 和take on 則較少被臺灣英語學習者使用。這些被學習者過度使用的片語動詞,其肇因可能為學習者過度依賴這類核心片語動詞或是這些組合和其母語相近,錯誤的片語動詞與名詞搭配也可能是過度使用的原因。而較少使用的片語動詞則可能起因為學習者過度依賴與其語意相近的單字詞( 如:carry out 和conduct),或是避免使用語意不透明的片語動詞( 如:take on)。
This study explored Taiwanese EFL learners’ use of phrasal verbs (PVs) in comparison with published authors’ and native Englishspeaking students’ in the field of applied linguistics. A corpus of Taiwanese graduate students’ master’s theses, a corpus of published journal articles, and a corpus of native English-speaking graduate students’ master’s theses were compiled and analyzed to reveal these writers’ PV uses. The findings showed that the Taiwanese EFL learners used PVs significantly more often than the other two groups. However, the learners also used a more restricted set of PVs in their writing. This study also identified eight PVs commonly used by these writers. Among these common PVs, two of them (i.e., point out and come up) were overused by the learners, while two (i.e., carry out and take on) were underused. Learners’ overuse of point out might result from L1 influences, and their overuse of come up was caused by miscollocating this PV with inappropriate noun phrases. The underuse of carry out might result from its non-literal meaning and learners’ over-reliance on using its synonymous one-word verb (i.e., conduct), and the underuse of take on might result from the semantic opaqueness of this PV.
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