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Title: 王鍔《三禮研究論著提要》探析
Other Titles: An analysis and discussion of Wang E’s “The Study of the Three Ritual Texts”
Authors: 謝淑熙
Hsieh, Shu-his
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 近十餘年來,在中國大陸掀起研究經學的熱潮,最明顯者為《三禮》研究,各界人士對於經學所提供之人倫教化再度予以肯定。南京師大文學院教授王鍔(1964-)著《三禮研究論著提要》一書,即是從古典文獻學的角度,考察了《周禮》、《儀禮》、《禮記》各篇的成篇年代和全書的編纂者、編纂時間。作者廣泛吸收古今中外學者研究《三禮》的成果,包括近年來的考古發掘成果,對前人所作的研究進行補充論證,利用新的材料推進研究結論,表現了學術創新的功效。本文首先簡介王鍔的學行述略,其次論述其《三禮研究論著提要》著作大要與特色,最後歸納《三禮研究論著提要》的學術價值,及整理解讀此書對當今研究《三禮》的貢獻。在取材方面注重背景知識之探討,蒐集有關王鍔生平事蹟、禮學思想等方面之著作,加以整理、分析、歸納、比較研究,以其能深入王鍔禮學思想之全貌,作一學術研究總結,梳清各章節脈絡關係,呈一完整之研究成果。
In the last decade, there has been a popular trend of the study of the classics in China. The most obvious one is the study of the three Ritual texts. Scholars from various disciplines again attributed positive value to the moral and ethical teaching produced by classical studies. Wang E (1964-), a professor from the School of Chinese Language and Culture at Nanjing Normal University, has written a book called “The study of the Three Ritual Texts”. He has written this book within the scope of Chinese bibliography and textual criticism, and he has analyzed the date of the editing time, the editors of these three books, “Zhou Li”, “Yili”and “Liji”. The author has broadly absorbed the achievement from ancient and contemporary Chinese and western scholarship on the “Three Li. These achievements included recent archaeological discoveries that illustrate or supplement previous scholarship. He has used the new approaches to draw his conclusions. This article briefly describes the study and character of Mr. Wang, then discusses and illustrates the main purpose as well as the characteristics of “The Study of Three Ritual Texts”, finally summarizes the academic value of this book. Last but not least, it analyzes that the contributions by the book to the contemporary study of “the Three Ritual Texts”. Regarding search, I emphasize the discussion about the background knowledge, collecting Wang’s related achievement, his thoughts on the studies of the ritual texts and his other works which have strengthened his research skills. In terms of method, I undertook critical studies, organize, analyze, summarize and undertake a comparative study of Wang’s “Three Ritual Texts”. Thus, I am able to grasp the depth of Wang’s thoughts on the study of Li, and I offer my final conclusion by clarifying the relation amongst chapters considering the overall achievement by Wang.
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