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Title: 兩種探究取向教學模式之分析與比較
Other Titles: The Comparison and Analysis of Two Inquiry-oriented Teaching Models
Authors: 陳毓凱
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 近來探究式學習在科學教育中愈加地被重視,「專題本位學習」與「問題本位學習」教學模式均屬於符合當代科學探究內涵的探究教學模式。然而沒有一個教學模式是可以適用於所有的教育情境中, 端視教學者希望達到的教育目標以及培養學生何種能力而定。本文採取文獻分析之方式,針對上述二教學模式之特徵進行分析與比較,藉此提升其在科學教學上的應用價值。結果顯示二教學模式在「學習者的主體性」等特徵上有其相同之處,然而在「學習的內涵之本質」等面向上卻產生相異之論調。上述結果顯示二教學模式可應用於的不同的教育情境與時機。
Inquiry-based learning is increasingly of value in science education recently. The ‘Project-based learning’ and ‘Problem-based learning’ teaching models share some important attributes with the modern inquiry-based learning teaching model. However, there are no teaching models which can apply in all respects. How to apply distinctive teaching model depends on the educational objectives and the developing skills for students. The purpose of this article is to analyze and clarify the differences between two ‘PBL’ teaching models by reviewing related literatures, and to promote the applications in science education by characterizing each teaching model individually. The result shows that two ‘PBL’ teaching models share some similar characteristics just like ‘the subjectiveness of learners’, and some different characteristics just like ‘the nature of the learning content’. The result also reveals that the two teaching models can apply to distinct educational context and moment.
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