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Title: 十九世紀英美小說中譯品質研究(附評註書目)(II-I)
Quality of Chinese Translations of 19th Century British and American Novels, with an Annotated Bibliography
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究目的在於研究台灣地區出版(1949-2000)的英美十九世紀小說中譯本翻譯 品質,並附上評註書目,作為研究翻譯史的基礎。台灣的英美文學研究已有可觀 成績,但英美文學的翻譯品質仍缺乏有系統的全面性研究。研究上的一大困難就 是舊譯充斥:台灣於1949-2000 年間出版的文學翻譯,甚多為大陸1949 年以前 舊譯,但因為政治因素,出版資料混亂不實,許多出版社不署譯者姓名或托以假 名出版,造成翻譯史研究不易。已出版的數種翻譯書目資料往往有譯者不詳或初 版年代不詳的缺憾。因此本研究有四項目標:一)釐清舊譯譯者及初版年代;二) 描述翻譯策略;三)評價譯本品質;四)歸納時代翻譯規範。本研究擬附評註書目, 包括譯本最早出版年代及真實譯者;全譯、節譯、選譯;是否有序跋;是否為中 英文對照版;是否為青少年/兒童改寫版本;並根據翻譯批評原則,描述翻譯方 法及評價,便於查考翻譯規範的演變。未來可逐步將評註書目擴充到其他時期、 其他文類、其他語種的翻譯作品,以建構更完整全面的台灣翻譯史,並期對文學 接受史研究及翻譯研究有所貢獻。
This study aims to evaluate the quality of Chinese translations of 19th Century British and American novels published in Taiwan from 1949 to 2000. Although the research of British and American literature by Taiwan scholars has made impressive advances in the past decades, the quality of Chinese translations of those literary works has been overlooked by major academic research projects. The first difficulty lies in ascertaining when and who did which translations. Since many translations of famous novels in English circulated in Taiwan had been actually published in mainland China before 1949, and the names of the translators might not be shown because of political reasons, it is sometimes difficult to identify the real translator of certain translations. As a result, the research of translation history is hindered. The objectives of this study thus include: 1) to identify the real translator and the first publish date of the researched translations; 2) to describe the translation approach; 3) to evaluate the translation quality and 4) to observe the translation norm of the period. There will be an annotated bibliography of translations covered in this study. The entry will include the following information: the translator and the first publish date; whether it is a complete rendering, an abridged version or an adaptation; if it includes a preface and/or notes by the translator; if it is an English-Chinese parallel edition; if it is an adaption for younger readers, etc. The above information will be followed by a brief description of the translation approach and sample paragraphs, if it is an important version. A tentative evaluation of the translation quality will be included. The annotated bibliography could contribute to translation study as well as the study on the reception of British and American literature. It is hoped that the archaeological work could be extended to other periods, other genres and other languages, and a comprehensive history of translated literature in Taiwan could be constructed.
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