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Title: 不在場的譯者--論冷戰期間英美文學翻譯的匿名出版及盜印問題
The Absence of the Translator--Behind Translation Piracy in Taiwan (1949~1990)�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2014
Publisher: 中華民國英美文學學會
Abstract: 本文描述冷戰期間(1949-1990),由於兩岸三地譯者與譯本未能自由流動,造成臺灣英美文學翻譯中的大規模匿名出版和盜印現象。臺灣戰後雖然政治立場親美,經濟文化各方面都依賴美國,英語亦為臺灣最重要的外語,但仍有約四成的英美文學譯本實乃抄襲大陸或香港譯本。主要的因素包括:臺灣在戒嚴期間的禁書政策、香港美新處的政治考量、以及商業利益等。抄襲來源包括一九四九年以前的大陸舊譯本、香港出版的譯作、以及大陸一九五○年以後的新譯本。翻譯書目混亂不實,與漠視翻譯互為因果:先是政治因素造成譯者身份不明,而譯者身份不明、抄襲浮濫又造成社會漠視譯者的結果,以致於解嚴至今超過四分之一個世紀,翻譯書目仍然錯誤百出,影響翻譯史研究甚鉅。由於臺灣翻譯書籍相當依賴不在場的譯者,許多譯作的臺灣初版與原初版年相隔達數十年,因而臺灣翻譯史不能從一九四九年作為起點,還必須先釐清譯者身份與翻譯的實際出版年代。
This paper describes the large-scale piracy of translations of British and American literature in Taiwan during the Cold War Period (1949-1990). Taiwan in this period was dependent on the United States, politically, economically and culturally. English became the first foreign language for Taiwan people. However, roughly 40% of the translations of British and American literary texts in Taiwan were pirated from the translations published in China and Hong Kong. Taiwan's book banning policy, the patronage of the U.S. government through World Today Press (Hong Kong), and business profits of local publishers all contributed to the decades-long pirating industry. The pirated titles included translations published in China, both before and after 1949, and those first published in Hong Kong. The political turmoil of the Cold War impeded the normal circulation of translations in the first place, causing the large-scale piracy. The piracy in turn contributed to the general ignorance to the identities of translators. Bibliographies of translated literature in Taiwan contain so many errors, including fake translators' names and wrong publishing dates and places, that the study of translation history is almost impossible. Since those not-here translators contributed significantly to Taiwan's translation history, we should make clear the “translatorship” of the titles before a history of Taiwan's translation could be written.
ISSN: 1024-2856
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