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Title: 學院的翻譯與禁忌--檢驗臺灣學界對翻譯的看法
Translation and Taboo in Taiwan's Higher Education
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2008
Publisher: 中華民國翻譯學學會
Abstract: 本文嘗試分析翻譯在高等學院的地位,以期望探討學術翻譯/知識翻譯飽受學界批評的原因。本文首先搜集了近年來對學術/知識翻譯的批評,從中檢驗批評者對翻譯的錯誤認知:包括把「本門學者」與「翻譯能力」混為一談;不信任英文系出身的譯者;把翻譯責任繫諸於譯者一人身上;誤以為翻譯的目的是服務外文不好的懶惰讀者;誤以為譯評等於挑錯等等。由於圈內翻譯書籍以英文為大宗,譯者也以出身英文系者為多,因此本文接著檢討英文系對翻譯的壓抑,包括翻譯課被視為非專業課程;文學教學上不使用中譯本,也不評論中譯本;其他外語文學都用英譯本教學而視若原本;教師從事實際翻譯比例甚低;不能以翻譯升等;期刊以論文發表為主,擠壓翻譯的空間等等,說明培育未來譯者的英文系如此貶抑翻譯,不視翻譯為專業,造成學界與社會輕視與不信任翻譯。基於上述的觀察,本文主張英文系應首開風氣,把中譯本納入文學教材,突顯翻譯議題;並建議開設跨科系翻譯概論課程,以教育各學門讀者如何看待翻譯;英文系則可以停開翻譯習作,改開文學翻譯課程,中文系則應開翻譯文學史課程;各學術單位也應明定以學術翻譯作品升等的審查要點,提高學者從事翻譯的誘因;並期待以創意、策略、貢獻為重的譯評取代純粹挑錯的譯評。
This article examined the criticism of translations from academic circles in the past 20 years, trying to locate the roots of some misunderstandings toward translation in academic communities and among general readers. The author found many critics despised and distrusted translations since they confused "subject knowledge" with "translation expertise" and wrongly assumed the only function of translations was to serve the readers who were unable or unwilling to read the original texts. Then the article examined the faculty and curriculum in Taiwan's Departments of English, finding that while many English versions of world literature were used and treated as the original texts, Chinese versions were absent in classrooms. Since most of the translators in Taiwan had majored in English, they learned to despise translations themselves. The author then proposed several suggestions to universities, such as including Chinese translations of world literature as teaching materials, developing courses such as "Introduction to Translation", "Translation Criticism" and "The History of Chinese Translation" as part of general education, giving academic credits for translations, and encouraging teachers to participate in translating and in constructive translation criticism.
ISSN: 2070-9668
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