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Title: 研究論文摘要中譯英之探討
A Study of Chinese-English Translation of Research Paper Abstracts
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 近年來國內高等教育競爭熾烈,大專教師也都面臨發表論文以展現其研究成 果的壓力。在台灣,大部份學科多是以中文撰寫論文本文,只有摘要(abstract)需同 時提交中文和英文兩種版本。這些論文的英文摘要通常是從中文摘要翻譯而來, 其翻譯品質以及原文與譯文之關係尚未有人探討過,相當可惜。其實論文摘要雖 然篇幅短小,但也是一種獨立的文體,與論文本文的寫作也有許多相同的特徵 (Lorés, 2004),但目前論文摘要翻譯的研究卻完全闕如。因此本計畫擬以中文學術 文本之英譯為主題,探討國內學術論文摘要及其英文譯文之間的關係。研究方法 擬建置兩種語料庫來探討(1)中文英譯摘要中的各種翻譯共性(translation universals) 現象以及(2)翻譯與非翻譯英文論文摘要之言步結構(move structures)和語言特徵 (linguistic features)的差異。執行主要分成兩個階段: (1)首先以國內各研究領域中文 期刊論文的英文摘要建置雙語平行語料庫(bilingual parallel corpus),檢視中譯英摘 要中顯化(explicitation)、簡化(simplification)、常態化(normalization)現象的型態和 頻率。(2)再以國外相同研究領域的英文期刊論文摘要建置比較語料庫(comparable corpus),與國內期刊論文中譯英摘要作比較,以凸顯兩者在論述言步發展以及各 言步內動詞、時態、語態、人稱和高頻搭配詞彙使用上有何異同。這些研究成果 希望能作為國內研究者在英譯中文摘要以及學術翻譯教學上的參考。
Taiwan’s higher education has been facing intense competition in recent years. College teachers are often under a lot of pressure to publish their research through journals for the evaluation of their academic productivity. Most academics in Taiwan typically submit their research papers to local journals written in Chinese with abstracts in both Chinese and English. To these scholars, the abstract is the only piece of published writing done in English and is usually translated from its Chinese version. Certain issues such as the quality of the translated abstracts as well as the relationship between the Chinese source text and the English target text have not been given the research attention they deserve. Although an abstract is relatively short as compared with the research article, it shares many features of the research article and should be considered an independent discourse (Lorés, 2004). However, there is a surprising lack of study on the translation of research paper abstracts. The purpose of this proposed study therefore is to explore the relationship between Chinese academic abstracts and their English translations. The research method will be the construction of two corpora to examine (1) translation universals happening in translated abstracts and (2) move structures and linguistic features used between translated and non-translated abstracts. A two-phase study will be designed as follows: (1) a bilingual parallel corpus will be compiled to contain research paper abstracts from various disciplines that are written in Chinese and translated into English by Taiwanese scholars in order to identify the distribution, frequency and patterns of translation universals such as explicitation, simplification, normalization ; (2) a comparable corpus will be created with research paper abstracts that are written in English by Taiwanese and English scholars for the identification of different move structures and the occurrence of linguistic features such as reporting verbs, tenses, voice, personal pronouns, and collocations for each move. It is hoped that the findings from this project would have practical uses for local scholars to translate their research paper abstracts and pedagogical implications for teaching academic translation in the classroom.
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