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Title: 以溝通式翻譯輔助大學全英語教學之探討
The Use of Communicative Translation to Assist English-only Instruction in College English Classes�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2012
Publisher: 輔仁大學外語學院
Abstract: 現今國內各大學極力推行以全英語教學訓練學生英語聽說能力,然而許多同學過去在國高中時疲於應付考試壓力,未奠定好英文聽說基礎,更無機會沉浸在全英語的學習環境。這些學生一旦上了上大學,對於全英語課程常有嚴重焦慮感。為進一步了解學生於全英語課程中的上課情況並嘗試提出解決方案,本研究從Jakobson對符號學溝通模式及跨文化研究對翻譯的定義出發,以全英語授課環境中兩班不同程度的英語聽講課學為對象,探討同時採用口語與非口語的溝通式翻譯以輔助全英語教學的成效。本文首先提出符號學的溝通模式,探討跨文化研究下翻譯的定義,並論及英語教學領域中所討論的溝通策略及外語學習焦慮。研究方法兼採問卷調查、深度訪談及課堂觀察,以瞭解學生對課堂上採用口語及非口語式翻譯輔助的感受和收穫。最後再提出對全英語教學的建議。
Recently, universities and colleges around Taiwan have strived to promote English-only learning environment. By establishing such an environment, students are expected to achieve more English learning in the classroom. However, the students as the subjects of this research are mostly not high achievers in English proficiency in their past studies and usually have had no opportunity of getting immersed in an English-only environment due to pressures from various exams. Many of them even reveal that they have frequently experienced a certain level of learning anxiety when learning English themselves or sitting in the classroom. This study is therefore an attempt to explore learning effectiveness of students in intermediate and advanced-level English classes by providing both verbal and non-verbal communicative translation assistances from the perspectives of semiotics, cross-cultural studies and communicative language teaching. In this study, the researchers first introduce Jakobson's semiotic model of communication and definitions of translation in cross-cultural studies, and then review the research of communication strategies and learning anxiety in foreign language teaching. The research methods adopted were questionnaires, interviews and class observations. The results of this study are expected to provide teachers with insights to English-only education at colleges and other types of foreign language teaching.
ISSN: 1813-6346
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0502_01_010
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