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Title: 說教
Preaching Catholicism
Other Titles: 馬若瑟的文學世界及其對清末傳教士小說的影響
the Literary World of Joseph-Henri-Marie De Premare and Its Influence upon the Missionary Novels in Late-Qing China
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 一六九八年,馬若瑟(Joseph-Henri-Marie de Prémare, 1666-1736)來華布道,一待三十 餘年,最後埋骨濠境。他生前嘗譯元人紀君祥的《趙氏孤兒》為法文,對歐洲文學頗 有影響。他又和白晉等人共創耶穌會「索隱派」,為清初中國經學添加了一絲基督信仰 的色彩。入華耶穌會士每有學術專業,馬若瑟所選乃中國文學的研究,在一七○九年 用中文撰有短篇文言小說〈夢美土記〉,一七二○年後,又有中篇白話小說《儒交信》 之作。這兩篇作品不但是天主教在華首見的小說創作,對清代基督新教的傳教士小說 也有前導之功,饒富文學史意義。本計畫的主旨所在,即為上述馬若瑟的文學。在為 期三年的研究中,本計畫擬深入下面四個子題:(一)馬若瑟和入華耶穌會、中西文學 傳統的關係﹔(二)〈夢美土紀〉的專論,本計畫擬視之為耶穌會中國經書索隱思想的 寓言;(三)《儒交信》的專論,探討其中的護教學與框架故事、「福音彙編」與書場傳 統等種種結構技巧﹔(四)馬若瑟對清末傳教士小說的影響,重點在小說的主題思想 與敘述技巧,另包括文體修辭與結構問題。本計畫希望最後能寫出一本小書,書題或 許就叫做《說教:馬若瑟的文學及其對清末傳教士小說的影響》。本計畫擬在計畫執行 過程中,也擬結合國內外學者的發現,編出一套三冊的《晚清傳教士小說選編》。
Joseph-Henri-Marie de Prémare, a French Jesuit, came to China in 1698 and stayed in this country almost until his death. In the history of literary exchanges between China and the West, de Prémare is famous for his translation of the Orphan of Zhao, while in the studies of Chinese classics written before the Ching Dynasty, de Prémare is no doubt one of the representatives of the so-called “Jesuit Figurism.” In my project, however, I propose to examine the role of de Prémare as a fiction writer in Chinese, a much neglected topic in Chinese or Western criticism of the author to this day. With this starting premise, I will explore four dimensions of de Prémare’s literary career. First of the four dimensions that I will explore is de Prémare’s literary givens which he has inherited from his Jesuit precedents in China, his literary trainings in the West, and the Chinese tradition he has encountered from his readings in Chinese. Secondly, I will discuss de Prémare’s “Meng meitu ji 夢美土記,” taking it as an allegory of Jesuit figurism. The third topic to be discussed is de Prémare’s novella entitled Ju jiao xin 儒交信. I will approach this text from Christian apologetics and the literary arts of Western framework story, Christian harmonia evangelica, and Chinese stylistics. The last topic to be dealt with in the present project is de Prémare’s influence upon Protestant novels in late-Qing China. I hope that when the project proceeds toward its end, I can come up with a book of proper length on de Prémare, tentatively to be entitled Preaching Catholicism: The Literary World of Joseph-Henri-Marie de Prémare and Its Influence upon the Missionary Novels in Late-Qing China. The other important output of the present project is a co-edited collection of highly selected missionary novels in Nineteenth-century China.
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