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Title: 可見的譯者---明清間耶穌會翻譯觀及其實踐
Translator's Visibility---Jesuit Literary Translations in Ming-Qing China, Theories and Practices
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 明清之際西學東漸,天主教耶穌會士乃先鋒號角。他們在文化上有許多貢獻,著述之外, 譯述尤夥。耶穌會的譯作有一現象,和現代譯界所憂慮的「譯者」身份的失落大相逕庭。對解 構主義的譯論家如瓦努提(Lawrence Venuti)而言,歐洲譯史的一大特色是「譯者不見」 (translator』s invisibility)了。其中原因甚多,但和翻譯在歐洲常為人目為「從屬」的身份有關。 耶穌會士自西徂東,由歐洲入華後卻一改常態,所譯多以「譯者名姓」行世,「作者」反而經 常失落在文本之外。箇中原因有趣,可能和早期天主教對著作權的看法有關,也可能和耶穌會 在華的整體環境及傳教策略有關。本計畫擬就明季及其之前中國的翻譯文化切入上述現象,最 後把重點放在艾儒略譯《聖夢歌》、陽瑪諾譯《輕世金書》和高一志譯《譬學》及《天主教聖 人行實》四書上,希望由翻譯修辭及文化演變窺斑見豹,勾勒明清間耶穌會翻譯思想與實踐的 大概,同時一探「譯者」身份重於「作者」這個和現代迥異的觀念的由來。
It has been the scholarly consensus that early Catholic missionaries played a major role in the transportation of European culture to China in the transitional period between the Ming and the Qing. Many of their books published in this period were translations of Western science and humanities into Chinese. In sharp contrast to the modern anxiety of 「translator』s invisibility,」 a term Lawrence Venuti coins for the title of one of his books, translators in the Ming-Qing transition enjoyed so high a visibility that the original 「authors」 of their translated volumes were often 「ignored」 in both the print culture and the reading public of China. In this project, I propose to account for the visibility on the part of the translator by analyzing both the reading history of China and the translated texts by the Catholic missionaries. The starting premise of the present project is that the Christian view of God as the transcendental dominator over the human world has obscured the modern, clear distinction between 「author」 and 「translator.」 I will also go to Julius Aleni』s Shengmeng ge 聖夢 歌, Emmanuel Diaz』s Qingshi jinshu 輕世金書, and Alfonso Vagnoni』s Pixue 譬學 and Tianzhujiao shengren xinshi 天主聖教聖人行實 for illustrations of the roles figures of style and figures of thought play in the shaping of Ming-Qing translator』s subjectivity. One or two papers on related topics, I hope, will be completed toward the close of the project.
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