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Title: 網站廣度與深度因素對卡片分類法評估網站資訊架構影響之研究
The Effect Study of Applying Card Sorting to Evaluate Web Informaton Architecture with Depth and Width Constrains
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 內部尋獲度是網站讓使用者能夠找到確切所需資訊所在之能力。研究顯示有效之資訊架構是有助於網站內部尋獲度與使用性之提昇。然而,使用者能容忍點擊多少次滑鼠找到其所需要的資訊(網站深度)?使用者眼睛能掃視多少個網頁項目個數(網站廣度)?是網站設計師與使用性專家多年來熱烈討論與研究的議題。Zaphiris於2000研究發現,網站深度與廣度會影響使用者對網站使用的喜好程度。在以使用者為中心的設計概念下,卡片分類法一直是建構較佳尋獲度與使用性網站之既經濟又有效的工具。卡片分類法實施於使用者,主要是為獲取使用者對於網站資訊內容分類的認知,在蒐集不同使用者之分類結果後,進一步透過集群分析、因素分析等資料分析方法,找出使用者共同認知之分類模式,以建立網站架構,提昇網站尋獲度與使用性。以卡片分類法建構網站著重於使用者共同認知的形塑,對於網站深度與廣度所可能造成尋獲度及使用性之影響並未予以探討。本研究嘗試於卡片分類法建構網站架構過程中考量網站深度與廣度的因素,以提出網站建構之新方法,並藉由尋獲度評估驗證其成效。
Interior findability of a web site is the ability to allow users to find the exact needs of the information where exists in the site. Studies have shown that the effective information architecture can be used to enhance its interior findability and usability. However, the user can tolerate how many times the mouse clicks to find the information they need (site depth)? Users’ eyes can glance over how many items on a web page (site breadth)? The issues have been discussed and researched by web site designers and usability experts over the years. In 2000, Zaphiris found that the site depth and breadth have the impact on user preferences of the site. Based on user-centered design concept, the card sorting method is an economical and effective tool can be used to construct websites with better findability. Card Sorting Implementation is primarily to acquire users‘ awareness about the classification of information content on a web site. After collecting the classifications from different users, and further through cluster analysis, factor analysis and other data analysis methods to identify the common perception of classifications from different users’, we can create a web structure with enhanced findability and usability. Card sorting method is applied to construct the shape of the site focused on user shared cognition, but the site depth and breadth may cause the effects on its findability and usability have not be explored. This study attempts to apply the card sorting method to construct the web site architecture in considering the factors of site depth and breadth, thus to propose a new method of website construction. We then use the evaluation of findability of web site to verify its effectiveness.
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