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Title: 大學圖書館網站使用性評估之研究
The Usability Study of University Library Websites
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 圖書館網站的設置,除資源提供是否豐富完備外,易被忽略但卻 相當重要的是如何讓使用者易於理解以及易於使用網站所提供的內 容,避免因圖書館網站使用性不佳,而造成使用者裹足不前的困境, 以致影響圖書館延伸服務的品質。本研究是基於使用者為導向之使用 性測試,利用任務導向之使用性測試、放聲思考、系統使用性量表問 卷、深度訪談等方法,針對國立臺灣師範大學圖書館網站進行使用性 評估。藉由量化與質化之使用性評估結果,分析評斷使用者對圖書館 網站在使用性上之差異及其可改善之處予以修正,再透過後測以證實 使用性改善之成效,並提出圖書館網站使用性評估模式,作為未來大 學圖書館網站評估其使用性之參考。
Besides considering the adequacy of content resources, the ease of understanding and the ease of using are the most important issues but are liable to disregard their critical effects on library web sites design. The web site with poor usability will frustrate users’aspirations for extended services provided by libraries through web sites. In this research, based on user centered design, we will apply various methods such as system usability scale, usability testing, think aloud, interview etc. to evaluate the usability of National Taiwan Normal University library web site as a selected case. By the results of analyzing quality and quantity usability data, we will propose the usability differences between distinct discipline users and modifiable defects of the library web site. Then we take experimental testing on modified web site to verify the effectiveness of the proposed usability evaluation process. Finally, we give the evaluation model of library web sites usability.
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