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Title: 改進修正型德菲式卡片分類法探討大學圖書館網站尋獲度之研究
A Study on the Findability of a University Library Website by the Refined Modified-Delphi Card Sorting
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2010
Publisher: 淡江大學資訊與圖書館學系
Abstract: 利用網站獲取資訊已經成為現代人經常從事的行為,有些網站提供了具邏輯性的架構幫助使用者方便找到資訊;但缺乏組織性的網站架構會讓使用者受挫並離開網站。值此電子化時代,網站成了遠端使用者與單位組織溝通的最佳橋樑,如何讓使用者能方便、有效率地從網站中取用所需之資訊,使網站資訊發揮應有的價值,是網站設計者必須深思的問題。本研究是以大學圖書館網站使用者為中心,提出改進修正型德菲式卡片分類法,以瞭解使用者如何組織網站中的網站標籤、以及對於各項網站標籤的命名方式,進而建立符合使用者需求之大學圖書館網站架構。在經由於不同資訊架構網站之任務導向尋獲度測試及變異數分析,證實本研究所提出之改進德菲式卡片分類法,確實能有效提昇大學圖書館網站尋獲度。
Modern people use websites to access information frequently. Some websites provide logical structures that help users find information. Others without intel- ligible organization may frustrate users’ attempts to navigate through them. In the digital age, websites have become the best communication channels for the remote users and the institutes. How to make users access the required informa- tion from the websites conveniently and efficiently to bring the values of them, website designers must seriously take the problem into consideration. Based on the understanding of users’ demand to organize information and to name the labels of the websites, in this study we propose the refined modified-Delphi card sorting to redesign the university library website that practically meets the users’ requirements. By using task-oriented findability testing and analysis on various websites’ information architectures, we apply analysis of variance to definitely verify that the proposed refined card sorting method can effectively enhance the websites findability.
ISSN: 1013-090X
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