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Title: 科普活動---科普閱讀推廣計畫
National Taiwan Normal University Library Extension Activities for the Popular Science Reading
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本計畫為一年期的大眾科學教育活動計畫,以科普閱讀推廣為主題,在國立臺灣師 範大學科學教育之發展特色下,由圖書館結合科學領域之研究與教學,同時並整合國中 小、高中、及公共圖書館系統,運用2009 年全球天文年與達爾文冥誕200 週年、物種 演化150 週年的良機,針對科學普及閱讀規劃一系列活動以推廣科普閱讀。 科普教育的推廣及宣導,可以透過展覽、實作活動、競賽、座談會、演講與閱讀等 各種方式進行,其中,又以閱讀推廣最能遍及社會各角落與各階層。閱讀是一切學習的 基礎,在知識經濟的環境下,閱讀與國家競爭力之關係密不可分。但科普閱讀在台灣長 期未受重視,根據各項好書推薦書目統計,科普書單所佔比例偏低,科普閱讀風氣亦十 分薄弱,有鑑於科普知識對社會的重要性,本計畫將由台師大圖書館推行並透過中華民 國圖書館學會號召全國圖書館於2009 年4 月23 日世界書香日起推廣科學主題式的科普 閱讀活動,促使大眾發掘科普知識的樂趣,以培養全民科普閱讀習慣,期望透過科普讀 物傳達真實又充滿想像的科學概念,讓讀者對科學知識感同身受,進而達到大眾科學教 育活動普及推廣之目標。
This is a year-long popular science education project focusing on promoting popular science reading. Taking the opportunity of international year of Astronomy and “Darwin 200” , National Taiwan Normal University Library, with the university strength of science education, will work hand in hand with school libraries and public libraries to expand popular science reading. Reading is fundamental in every aspect of learning and critical to the national competitiveness in the era of knowledge-based economy; however, popular science reading in Taiwan has been neglected for a long time. Knowing the importance of popular science reading and its positive impact to the society, NTNU Library and Library Association of R.O.C. will advocate popular science reading on April 23 (World Book Day). In addition to it, we will hold exhibitions, hands-on workshops, competitions, conferences, and give lectures to develop the public’s interest in popular science reading. With aim of promoting popular science education, we believe reading is the most basic and easy way of learning science.
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