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Title: 電子檔案統一命名原則之研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: WWW是網際網路主要的服務,而URL(Uniform Resource Locators)則是WWW運行的基礎。URL是一種容易實作及富彈性的機制,但也是是一種不穩定,不可靠的連結機制,一旦資源存放的位置改變,該連結也就中斷而成為錯誤的資訊。網路資源的永久連結機制一直受到重視,尤其當數位圖書館、數位檔案典藏等成為重要的發展方向之後,此一問題更為重要。數位資源的連結,一般而言,涉及兩個問題,一個是數位資源的命名,另一個是由資源名稱連結到儲存位置的系統。本研究主要將探討分析目前國內外有關電子檔案命名標準與現況,以及國家檔案局為管理各機關管理各機關檔案,而應制訂之電子檔案命名原則及解析管理系統(resolution system or handle system)之架構與功能,以利國家檔案之典藏、管理與應用。
WWW is now one of the most important services of Internet. The linking mechanism URL of WWW is flexible and easy to implement but unreliable and temporary: When electronic resource changes its location, the linking between index and the resource will break. Therefore, to find persistent linking mechanism is important in digital environment. The persistent linking mechanism includes two aspects, the first is the identifiers of electronic resources, and the second is the resolution of identifier and its location. The purpose of this research aims to investigate and compare the naming standards and their applications, to analyze functional requirements of resolution system (handle system), and finally, we will suggest a naming principle and the architecture of handle system for electronic archives.
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