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Title: 消費者對圖書出版品牌認知與影響之研究
Consumers’ Brand Recognition and Its Effects in Books Publishing Market 
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Publisher: 中華民國圖書館學會
Abstract: 資訊科技的發展,迫使出版產業快速朝向數位形式發展,也讓消費者的閱讀與消費方式產生變化。品牌是提高產品辨識度及忠誠度的不二法門,出版產業也需經營品牌,消費者是否會購買圖書,和對該書的品牌認知有關。本研究主要即在瞭解一般消費者對於出版品牌的認知及所受之影響,從紙本圖書出版產業架構分析目前圖書市場的出版品牌要素,以量化方式測量消費者對出版品牌要素之認知,並利用變異數分析與迴歸分析等,分析消費者對紙本圖書的品牌認知差異,以及該認知對紙本圖書與電子書的知覺風險與購買意願的影響。研究結果顯示,消費者對於紙本圖書出版各種品牌要素之品牌認知無顯著差異;而當消費者對紙本圖書的品牌認知,具有良好的「品牌知名度/聯想」與「品牌忠誠度」時,會有助於其「紙本圖書購買意願」;透過提升消費者對紙本圖書的「知覺品質」以降低其在選購圖書時對價格的疑慮,可間接地增加消費者的「紙本圖書購買意願」與「電子書購買意願」。
In marketing, it is an established fact that brand recognition plays a critical role in determining consumers' intention to purchase publications. This research aims to study what are the major factors affecting brand recognition among different publications. Also, the quantitative methods of one-way ANOVA and regression analysis are used to investigate the possible difference in brand recognition between hardcopies and e-books. Findings of the research include: there is no significant difference in the major factors affecting brand recognition among publications; high brand awareness and brand loyalty would contribute to the purchasing intention for publications. Moreover, the quality of brand awareness would contribute significantly to reduce the level of perceived risks regarding publications prices. This in turn would increase consumers purchasing intention for both hardcopies and e-books.
ISSN: 1990-9128
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A1202_01_087
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