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Title: 網路學術資訊尋獲與再尋獲之檢索行為研究
A Study on the Search Behavior of Finding and Re-Finding Web Scholarly Information
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 隨著網路資源的豐富多元,與各類搜尋工具的便利使用,學術研究人員除透過圖書資訊服務機構,查詢專業主題性資料庫外,也愈來愈依賴上網搜尋及取用學術資訊。特別是學術研究過程具有長期、持續的特性,一般而言,學術研究者所查詢到的相關資訊,往往在一段時間後,仍有再利用的需求與價值。換言之,就學術研究工作中的個人資訊管理角度,其資訊再尋獲需求相當高,且其檢索行為也十分普遍。但由於網路環境之變動性及資訊尋獲情境之多元性,資訊再尋獲與一般尋獲或查詢行為可能存在差異,值得進一步研究。本研究希望能針對學術性資訊及其使用者之檢索需求為範疇,以實驗、訪談、問卷等方法,深入分析網路學術資訊使用者之資訊再尋獲檢索行為特性,包括其於尋獲與再尋獲兩階段之檢索詞彙、檢索語句、檢索歷程變化,並比較不同類型檢索任務對尋獲與再尋獲檢索成效之影響,最後也將嘗試分析歸納網路學術資訊使用者其所採用之再尋獲策略及模式。網路資訊尋獲與再尋獲行為研究是一相當重要且新穎的研究主題,本研究結果對於發展支援使用者個人資訊管理系統及從事網路使用者行為相關研究,皆具有相當參考價值。
With the rich resources and easy-to-use search tools on the web, academic researchers increasingly rely on searching and accessing scholarly information on the web. Doing research is often a long-term and sustaining process, and it is important for researchers to re-access and re-use the information found. In the perspective of personal information management, there is a demand of re-finding what have been found during the research process, and such searches are rather common among researchers. However, due to the variability of the web and contextual diversity of information behavior, there exist differences between information finding and re-finding, which is worth further study. This study addresses the scope of academic information users and uses, and utilizes experiments, interviews, and questionnaires to investigate the characteristics of academic re-finding behavior. The major analysis may include analyzing users’ queries and query sessions, and comparing their performance in different finding and re-finding tasks. Moreover, the study also attempts to summarize important academic information re-finding patterns and strategies. The research results will benefit web information behavior studies, and provide suggestions to enhancing web information retrieval as well as personal information management systems.
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