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Title: 利用藍菌生物反應器回收人類尿液
Other Titles: Human Urine Water Recycling Cyanobacteria Bioreactor
Authors: 侯怡辰 李炎
Yi-Chen Hou, Yen Lee
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 先期小規模藍菌生物反應器測試,成功處理人類尿液。該系統以紗布網固定藍菌,網置透明塑膠槽中。槽中充滿水。每個槽之間,有兩條相連的塑膠管,一管用於接受前一槽上層水傳遞到本槽的底部,另一管用於從本槽上層水流至後一槽。該系統設置在緩坡土地,水可由重力傳送。經過6次固定化生物吸附藍菌網格,尿液變成比飲用水質量較低的可重複使用的水。這種操作簡便,低成本的尿水回收系統,可用於太空船長時間旅行的生物生命支持系統或低開發的農村地區。且藍藻可作為動物飼料。
This study tested pilot series small-size cyanobacteria bioreactors to treat human urine. The proposedsystem immobilized cyanobacteria on pieces of gauze mesh inserted in transparent plastic tanks filledwith water. Between each tank were two connecting plastic tubes: the first tube was used to deliver waterinto the bottom of the adjacent tank from the previous tank; the second tube was used to deliver waterfrom the adjacent tank top to the next tank. The system was placed on gently sloping land to allow gravityto facilitate water delivery. After six runs of immobilized cyanobacteria mesh bio-adsorption, the urinebecame reusable water with lower quality than drinking water. This easily operated, cost-effective urinewater recycling system may be used in underdeveloped rural areas or space crafts for long-term travel byrecycling water for biological life support systems. In addition, the produced edible cyanobacteria may beused as animal feed.
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