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Title: Key Factors for the Spore Germination of Archangiopteris somai Hayata, a Rare and Endemic Fern in Taiwan
Other Titles: 臺灣原始觀音座蓮孢子萌發關鍵因子的探討
Authors: 楊世銘
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 台灣原始觀音座蓮(Archangiopteris somai Hayata)是台灣特有的瀕絕古老蕨類植物之一,目前僅在台灣北部烏來與南投蓮華池有小部份族群存留。由於其孢子萌發不易,至今仍無相關文獻報導。本研究利用不同的培養基質、光照條件、以及通氣情形培養孢子,於播撒後二週計算孢子萌發率,然後利用ANOVA與t-test統計分析比較各環境因子對其孢子萌發的影響情形。實驗結果顯示:(1)除了原生地土壤與紅光之外,通氣也是決定其孢子萌發的重要因子。(2)利用簡易組裝的長波紅光照射,對於其孢子的萌發具有顯著促進效果,是一種既簡單又有效的方法。(3)紅光處理的有效時間有其臨界值,處理2天孢子仍不萌發,處理4天有50%促進效果,萌發率約40%,處理8天以上則促進效果達飽和,孢子萌發率可高達約80%。
Archangiopteris somai Hayata is an endangered fern in Taiwan. Its population is small and appears only in Wulai, Taipei and Lienhuachih, Nantou. The germination of A. somai spores is very difficult and the method to induce its germination is unclear. In this study, the spores were cultivated in different media, light conditions, and aeration, and their germination rates were calculated two weeks after sowing. The effect of the above factors was evaluated by comparing the germination rates and analysis using ANOVA and t-test. The data from our experiments showed that (1) In addition to the original habitat soil and light, air was also very important for the germination of A. somai spores. (2)Using a simple artificial design, long wavelength red irradiation, could stimulate spore germination significantly which was a very convenient and efficient method for the induction of spore germination. (3) There was a critical time of red light treatment required to induce spore germination. A two-day treatment was not enough to stimulate germination, a four-day treatment could increase the efficiency of induction by about 50% giving a germination rate of about 40%, and an eight-day treatment provided induction saturation with a spore germination rate of about 80%.
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