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Title: Endoparasites of Cetaceans Stranded Along Coasts of Taiwan and Penghu
Other Titles: 擱淺臺灣澎湖沿岸鯨豚之內寄生蟲
Authors: 費昌勇
Issue Date: Dec-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 檢驗205頭因擱淺在臺灣及澎湖沿岸死亡之16種鯨魚及海豚,其中15種鯨豚(合計84頭)有內寄生蟲感染,盛行率为41%。感染之蠕蟲類有鉤頭蟲(2屬),條蟲(3屬),線蟲(4屬),及吸蟲(4屬)。寄生部位包括鯨豚之胃、腸、肝、脂肪組織、及前額竇。感染盛行率最高之寄生蟲為線蟲類Anisakis sp.,共有60頭鯨豚感染(29.3%);其次為條蟲類Phyllobothrium sp.,有14頭感染(6.8%)。線蟲類Anisakis sp.,Pseudoterranova sp.(1.5%),及鉤頭蟲類Bolbosoma sp.(2.9%)為人畜共通傳染之寄生蟲。由於高盛行率,Anisakids sp.在公共衛生上最為重要。吾人更進一步檢驗常見的100隻10種海水魚(每種10隻),结果發現有54隻感染Anisakis sp.幼蟲。這是首次記載來自臺灣及澎湖海域各種鯨豚之內寄生蟲感染報告。
We surveyed the parasites on 16 species of 205 dead whales and dolphins stranded along the coasts of Taiwan and Penghu. Eighty four specimens (41%) representing 15 species had endoparasitic infections. Helminthes included 2 genera of acanthocephalans, 3 genera of cestodes, 4 genera of nematodes, and 4 genera of trematodes. The worms were isolated from stomach, intestines, liver, fat tissue, or frontal sinus of the cetaceans. The highest infection rates were by nematodes, Anisakis sp., in 60 cetaceans (29.3%); followed by cestodes Phyllobothrium sp. in 14 (6.8%). Among the parasites, the nematodes Anisakis sp. and Pseudoterranova sp. (1.5%), and the acanthocephalans Bolbosoma sp. (2.9%) are important zoonoses. Anisakis sp., especially, are of public health importance because of the high rates of infection. The prevalence of Anisakis sp. larval infection among 10 species of sea-water fishes (10 fish in each species) was as high as 54%. This is the first record of endoparasite biodiversity among the diverse assemblage of cetaceans from Taiwan and Penghu.
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