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Title: Arginine Vasopressin Reduces Respiratory-Related Activity of the Alae Nasi Muscle in Rats
Other Titles: 血管加壓素降低大白鼠鼻唇肌呼吸活動
Authors: 曾嬿霖
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的主要探討血管加壓素(vasopressin;AVP)對大白鼠橫膈及鼻唇肌呼吸活動的影響。實驗以雄性大白鼠為材料,麻醉後作氣管與股動、靜脈插管,切斷兩側迷走神經,維持自然呼吸,記錄橫膈肌電圖、鼻唇肌肌電圖與血壓。靜脈注射AVP(0.1-0.5 IU/kg b.w.),結果引起血壓上升,橫膈及鼻唇肌呼吸活動降低。注射低劑量(0.1IU/kg b.w.) AVP,橫膈活動降低為對照的96% (p>0.05),鼻唇肌活動降低為對照的50% (p<0.01);注射高劑量(0.5 IU/kg b.w.) AVP,橫膈活動降低為對照的86% (p<0.05),鼻唇肌活動降低為對照的42% (p<0.01)。約十分鐘後,血壓、橫膈及鼻唇肌的反應均恢復正常。這些結果顯示AVP不但會調節心血管功能,而且還會抑制大白鼠橫膈與鼻唇肌的呼吸活動,而且鼻唇肌的抑制程度大於橫膈。
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the response of the diaphragm (Dia) and the alae nasi (AN) muscle to bolus injection of vasopressin (AVP). Adult male rats were anesthetized. Tracheotomy and catheterization of the femoral artery and vein were performed. The rat breathed spontaneously. Blood pressure (BP), electromyograms (EMG) of the Dia and AN were observed. Two doses of A VP (0.1 and 0.5 IU/kg b.w.) were used. Low dose of AVP produced a decrease in Dia to 96% of the control (p>0.05) and AN to 50 % (p<0.01). High dose of AVP evoked a reduction of the Dia to 86 % of the control (p<0.05) and AN to 42 % of the control (p<0.01). The results indicate that AVP produces not only modulation on cardiovascular functions but also a depressant effect on respiratory-related activities of AN muscle. Inhibition of AVP upon the AN is stronger than the Dia.
Other Identifiers: 7D27D443-2B9A-C624-F1E8-5F7430676F7F
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