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Title: 文蛤血細胞的探討
Other Titles: Studies on the Hemocytes of Meretrix Lusoria
Authors: 史金燾
Issue Date: Dec-1996
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本報告的目的是研究臺灣產文蛤血細胞的特性,中型體長文蛤(4.5-5.5cm)約含有4.40±1.26m1的體液,其滲透壓為 502.2±21.5mOsm,體液中血細胞的數目是1291±354/mm3。文蛤血細胞依形態可分為三類,第一型血細胞(8-12μm)能伸出偽足並會行變形虫運動;第二型胞體小(2-4μm),有細絲狀偽足,形態、像神經細胞;第三型胞體較大(15-19μm),內有顆粒,三型細胞的比例,依次約為 75%、20%及5%。低溫(4±1℃)儲存期間,活體及離體體液中血細胞的數目均隨時間增加而顯著減少,但體液中還原糖的含量並沒有明顯的改變。
The purpose of this report is to study the characteristics of the hemocytes of Meretrix lusoria. A medium-size clam (body length 4.5-5.5cm) contained 4.40 ± 1.26ml of body fluid which had an osmolarity of 502.2 ±21.5 mOsm. Hemocyte count of body fluid was 1291 ±354/mm3. There were three types of hemocyte, type 1 (He-1, 8-12μm) had pseudopodia and showed amoeboid movement; type 2 (He-2, 2-4Ilm) had smaller cell body with thread-like pseudopodia; type 3 (He-3, 15-19μm) had granules in cytoplasm. The proportion of three types of hemocyte (He-l to He-3) was 7S%, 20% and 5% respectively. During storage at low temperature (4 ± 1℃), hemocyte count of body fluid, both in vivo and in vitro, decreased significantly with the times. However, contents of reduced sugars of the body fluid did not show significant changes.
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