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Title: 雌性幼齡短趾和尚蟹肝胰臟的生理功能
Other Titles: The Role of the Hepatopancreas of Young Female Mictyris brevidactylus
Authors: 史金燾
Issue Date: Dec-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本報告是研究雌性幼齡短趾和尚蟹(背甲寬3.1-6.3 mm)肝胰臟的生理功能,1996年 7-9月間,幼蟹的肝胰臟體重比值(HSI)是5.6-9.4%,此值自10月下降,至11月下旬時為4.8%。肝胰臟中脂肪和蛋白質的含量於7-9月間較高(脂肪:33.9-95.4mg/g of hepatopancreas;蛋白質:6.9-14.6mg/g of hepatopancreas),但至11月時,二者含量均下降至8、9月最高值的三分之一。幼齡蟹肝胰臟的類固醇萃取物經高效液體色層分析法及免疫反應測定法分析後,得知含有類助孕酮和類雌二醇,文中對此幼蟹肝胰臟的功能有所討論。
This report was aimed to study the physiological function of the hepatopancreas of zero-year old female Mictyris brevidactylus (carapace width 3.1-6.3 mm). The hepatosomatic index (HSI) of young crabs were 5.6-9. 4% during July-September 1966. The HSI value started dropping from October and reached 4.8% in late November. The fat and protein contents of hepatopancreas were high during July-September (fat: 33.9-95.4 mg/g of hepatopancreas; protein: 6.9-14.6 mg/ g of hepatopancreas). During October-November, both fat and protein levels dropped to one third both that of August and September. When the steroid extract of hepatopancreas was analyzed by HPLC and immunoassays, the progesterone-like and estradiol-like substances were detected. The possible physiological function of the hepatopancreas of young female crab is discussed.
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