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Title: 臺灣地區蛇類食性的初探
Other Titles: The Preliminary Study on the Food Habits of Snakes in Taiwan
Authors: 李文傑
Issue Date: Dec-1996
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 自1995年7月至1996年7月,分別到哈盆自然保護區、烏來、福山、陽明山、北橫、觀霧、南橫、高雄壽山、三民等地野外調查。利用:野外目擊法、消化道解剖法、室內餵養法、排遺分析及催吐法來分析蛇的食性。結果記錄到31種蛇類所吃食物,而分析的結果顯示:屬於精食者有12種,他們只吃1-2種食物類群,計有盲蛇(Ramphotyphlops braminus)、環紋赤蛇(Calliophis macclellandi swinhoei)、帶紋赤蛇(Calliophis japonicus sauteri)、菊池氏龜殼花(Trimeresurus gracilis)、台灣鈍頭蛇(Pareas formosensis)、黑頭蛇(Sibynophis chinensis)、白梅花蛇(Ophites ruhstrati)、紅竹蛇(Elaphe poryphyracea nigrofasciata)、高砂蛇(Elaphe mandarina)、梭德氏遊蛇(Amphiesma sauteri)、大頭蛇(Boiga kraepelini)、茶斑蛇(Psammodynastes pulverulentus),其餘19種屬於泛食者。在檢視的食物中,計包括有軟體動物、貧毛類、昆蟲、魚類、青蛙、蜥蜴、蛇、爬蟲類的蛋、鳥類及小型哺乳類。吞食食物的大小以錦蛇屬所吞食的小型哺乳類最大。
From July,1995 to June,1996, we went to Ha-pen natural reserve; Wu-lai 'Fu-shan ,Yang-ming-shan, North cross-island highway、Kuan-wu、South cross-island highway, Kaou-shung, San-ming in Pin-Tung to do surveys. We investigeted food habits of snakes by stmoach content analysis, feeding, dropping analysis and observations from fields. Results indicated that 12 investigated species were specialists, they prey on only one or two groups of preys. These include Ramphotyphlops braminus、Calliophis macclellandi swinhoei、Calliophis japonicus sauteri、Trimeresurus gracilis、Pareas Formosensis、Sibynophis chinensis、Ophites rllhstrati、Elaphe poryphyracea nigrofasciata、Elaphe Mandarina、Amphiesma sauteri、Boiga kraepelini、Psammodynastes pulverlllentlls. The other 19 species were generalists. Food items discovered from snakes in this study include molluscus、earth-worms, insects、fishes、frogs、lizards, snakes, reptile eggs、birds and their eggs, and small mammals. Size of prey consumed by Elaphae seems to be the largest among species we observed.
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