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Title: 有關CAM 植物, 燈籠草( Kalachoe pinnata ) 的一些新了解
Other Titles: Newly Understanding of Kalanchoe pinnata, a CAM Plant
Authors: 陳芬莞 黃盟元 葉學文 楊棋明 張永達
Fen-Wan Chen, Meng-Yuan Huang, Hsueh-Wen Yeh, Chi-Ming Yang,Yung-Ta Chang
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: CAM 植物燈籠草( Kalanchoe pinnata )經由穩定性碳同位素分析方法來分別其是否為絕對CAM 植物或是非絕對CAM 植物。實驗結果其δ13CPDB 值介於-22.0 ‰與-29.1 ‰之間,因此判定為非絕對性CAM 植物。另外為了了解環境因子-風,對植物碳同位素值之影響,針對其實驗之結果顯示,有風處理δ13CPDB 值為-23.9 至-29.1 ‰,無風處理δ13CPDB 值為-22.0 至-27.5 ‰。
Kalanchoe pinnata, a CAM plant was evaluated through the stable carbon isotopic analysis to distinguish whether an obligate CAM plant or not. The δ13CPDB values of Kalanchoe pinnata are range from –22.0 to –29.1 ‰ thus to be suggested to a facultative CAM plant. Also how environmental factors: wind affect the δ13CPDB values of plants, was evaluated through experiments. The δ13CPDB values of Kalanchoe pinnata are range from –23.9 to –29.1 ‰ in a wind-blowing treatment and –22.0 to –27.5 ‰ in the control.
Other Identifiers: 0C57ADCD-CD49-AEB1-65B2-3C3B94C4C802
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