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Title: 逆風前行就業路:一名自閉症學生就業轉銜的行動歷程
Other Titles: A Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder Struggling During Employment Transition
Authors: 李玉錦
Yu-Chin Lee
Cheng-Fen Chang
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Special Education
Abstract: 王威是我任教高職綜合職能科的自閉症學生,他在面臨就業轉銜挑戰時,尋求我的協助,繼而展開這歷時約兩年的就業行動。本研究旨在藉由王威就業轉銜歷程,呈現王威在職場所面臨的挑戰、困境與解決之道。本研究主要採用行動研究法,藉由觀察、訪談及採取以自我決策為主軸的行動方案並透過循環修正的歷程,與王威共同度過面試、就業輔導員離職、被顧客投訴、偷拍及瀕臨被裁員等職場險境。歷程中發現,王威受限於拙劣的社會人際互動、注意力缺陷及類化能力不足等,而經常在職場面臨人際衝突、工作效能不佳致瀕臨被裁員之危機。研究結果顯示:一、合作夥伴的重要性,例如:行動前期的陳就輔員、行動中期的王威母親及王威的上司,他們都扮演重要的支持角色。尤其是王威的上司,他和我的合作關係一直延續至行動後期,他扮演的職場在地支持者的同理協助,使王威免於被裁員的命運;二、採取以自我控制、問題解決、自我管理等自我決策為主軸的行動方案,逐步提升王威做選擇、問題解決及自我倡導的能力;三、行動策略的表單設計、角色扮演內容及行為契約的訂定,均依據王威的工作內容或行為問題不斷地進行修正和調整,有效地克服其類化能力不足的限制。未來,自閉症學生的就業轉銜仍須仰賴學校及轉銜機構的努力合作,以使自閉症學生的就業之路更為順利。
Purpose: According to Hendricks and Wehman (2009), people with autism face considerable difficulties in the course of their employment transition, including a lack of successfultransition experience, low employment rates, adjustment problems, low pay, and difficulty in getting hired. Previous studies have shown that self-determination leads to successful transition and that transitional planning is a major factor in ensuring successful employment for students with disabilities. In Taiwan, a vocational high school graduate named Wang Way faced employment transition challenges after graduating from vocational high school. After seeking the researchers' assistance, who studied Wang Way for two years as he confronted the challenges of employment transition, and the researchers assisted him in developing self-determination processes. Method: The methodology used in this study was action research, which involved observing, intervention program of selfdetermination skills and interviewing Wang Way, his mother, and his colleague. The researchers assisted Wang Way in implementing strategies of self-determination, selfcontrol, and self-management. Role playing and other problem-solving strategies were also used. Findings: The results showed that (a) the cooperation of all parties involved in the study (i.e., the researchers, transitional support staff, Wang Way' s mother, and his section chief of hypermarket in particular) was crucial throughout the study. (b) Wang Way' s abilities in decision making, problem solving, and self-advocacy gradually increased after the researchers assisted Wang Way in confronting the challenges of his job by implementing several strategies for self-determination, which including self-control, problem solving, and self-management. (c) Wang Way' s generalization ability improved because the researchers repeatedly adjusted the strategies of self-determination which contained problem-solving skills, self-management skills, decision making skills, ch
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