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Title: 師生互動策略之探究
Authors: 許殷宏
Issue Date: Dec-1999
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract:      師生互動在教育社會學中是一個重要的研究課題,這個領域雖然晚自本世紀70年代以後才形成,但發展極為迅速。在這個領域的發展中,以英國學者為首的一批新教育社會學家功不可沒,他們以極其精闢的見解對師生互助進行大量的理論與實證研究。為了深究師生互動的真正意涵,本文擬從策略概念的審視出發,剖析師生所共享的意義與解釋,並且說明師生互動策略研究的理論基礎;接著敘述師生互動策略的使用,嘗試突顯其中所隱含的複雜性與豐富性,進而掌握師生互動的真正原貌。最後以師生互動策略研究的未來發展為旨,說明學者為統整鉅觀與微觀兩種研究取向所做的努力。
     Traditionally, the strategy of teacher-pupil interaction is an important subjectin sociology of education. In order to understand the nature of strategies ofteacher-pupil interaction, it is necessary to inquiry about the complex relationsbetween teachers and pupils. The main purpose of this paper is to examine someissues concerning the significance of strategies of teacher-pupil interaction. Thereare four parts in this paper. First, the strategies of teacher-pupil interaction areanalyzed in order to define and interpret the meaning of these strategies. Second,the theoretical foundations of strategies of teacher-pupil interaction are explored,including symbolic interactionism and ethnomethodology. Third, the practical implement of strategies of teacher-pupil interaction is discussed. Finally, some directions for the future development in research of strategies of teacher-pupil interaction are recommended.
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