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Title: 中學數學實習教師之數學教學概念心像探究-以學生數學思考面向為例
Other Titles: Mathematics Intern Teachers' Mental Images for Mathematics Teaching:Students' Mathematical Thinking in Classroom
Authors: 謝佳叡
Chia-Jui Hsieh
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 在觀察教師課堂工作時,不難發現教師們必須在短時間內做出大量的決策以便解決課堂上所發生的各項狀況,不禁令人好奇,教師進行教學決策之依據為何?本研究則試圖從數學教學概念心像( Concept Image for Mathematics Teaching) 的角度切入,探討臺灣中學教學實習教師在面對教學教學情境問題時,所展現出的教學決策其背後之依據;更具體地說,本研究試圖通過實習教師對於教學情境問題的反應,推測其數學教學概念心像的內涵與結構。在各個不同的教學面向中,本文特別從學生數學思考面向著眼,檢視中學教學實習教師在面對教學問題時所喚起之數學教學概念心像,以及其與教學決策之間的關聯。研究發現太多數中學教學實習教師肯定學生思考在數學課堂上所扮演的角色,然而,當他們面對教學問題時,這些實習教師並不常喚起「讓學生思考」的概念心像以作為教學決策的依據,比現象反映在教學情境問題的回應上則表現出他們很少給予學生思考的機會與時間。研究也發現多數展現學生思考心像的實習教師同時也經常伴隨著學生數學認知發展心像的產生。
When observing teachers working, we will find that they must make the large number of decisions to deal with the situations 出at take place in a few moments. Based on the idea “ concept image for mathematics teaching (CIMT)" , the study was to investigate the bases on which secondary school mathematics intern teachers in Taiwan choose strategies when facing teaching tasks.This paper focuses on the concept of student' s mathematics thinking in the mathematicsclassroom, as well as examines what kind of CIMT is evoked when mathematics intern teachers face the tasks related to students' mathematical thinking. We found that even mathematics intern teachers do know how important “ student thinking" is for mathematics-learning, they do not usually evoke the image of “make students think" as their bases of teaching strategy when facing teaching situation. In other words, they barely give students opportunities and time to think in theclassroom. The study also found that most mathematics intern teachers who evoke the image of student thinking usually evoke the image of students' cognitive development at the same time.
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