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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-03Associations of neighbourhood walkability indices with weight gainKoohsari, Mohammad J; Oka, Koichiro; Shibata, Ai; Liao, Yung; Hanibuchi, Tomoya; Owen, Neville; Sugiyama, Takemi
2018-04-04Dog ownership, dog walking, and leisure-time walking among Taiwanese metropolitan and nonmetropolitan older adultsLiao, Yung; Huang, Pin-Hsuan; Chen, Yi-Ling; Hsueh, Ming-Chun; Chang, Shao-Hsi
2018-03-13Left centro-parieto-temporal response to tool–gesture incongruity: an ERP studyChang, Yi-Tzu; Chen, Hsiang-Yu; Huang, Yuan-Chieh; Shih, Wan-Yu; Chan, Hsiao-Lung; Wu, Ping-Yi; Meng, Ling-Fu; Chen, Chen-Chi; Wang, Ching-I
2013-12-10Psychometric properties of the World Health Organization quality of life assessment – brief in methadone patients: a validation study in northern TaiwanFu, Tiffany S; Tuan, Yung-Change; Yen, Muh-Yong; Wu, Wei-Hsin; Huang, Chun-Wei; Chen, Wei-Ti; Li, Chiang-Shan R; Lee, Tony S
2009-07-22Examination of effects of GSK3β phosphorylation, β-catenin phosphorylation, and β-catenin degradation on kinetics of Wnt signaling pathway using computational methodSun, Ying-Chieh
2012-06-07Indomethacin protects rats from neuronal damage induced by traumatic brain injury and suppresses hippocampal IL-1β release through the inhibition of Nogo-A expressionChao, Po-Kuan; Lu, Kwok-Tung; Jhu, Ji-Yi; Wo, Yu-Yuan P; Huang, Tai-Chun; Ro, Long-Sun; Yang, Yi-Ling
2010-07-09A single sequence context cannot satisfy all non-AUG initiator codons in yeast†Chang, Chia-Pei; Chen, Shun-Jia; Lin, Chen-Huan; Wang, Tzu-Ling; Wang, Chien-Chia
2010-06-10Association of TNF-α gene with spontaneous deep intracerebral hemorrhage in the Taiwan population: a case control studyChen, Yi-Chun; Hu, Fen-Ju; Chen, Phoebe; Wu, Yih-Ru; Wu, Hsiu-Chuan; Chen, Sien-Tsong; Lee-Chen, Guey-Jen; Chen, Chiung-Mei
2009-12-18Oxidative stress promotes autophagic cell death in human neuroblastoma cells with ectopic transfer of mitochondrial PPP2R2B (Bβ2)Cheng, Wan-Ting; Guo, Zhi-Xuan; Lin, Chia-An; Lin, Ming-Yi; Tung, Li-Chu; Fang, Kang
2013-12-27Influence of stressors and possible pathways of onset of seventh graders’ suicidal ideation in urban and rural areas in TaiwanChiang, Yi-Chen; Lee, Tony S; Yen, Lee-Lan; Wu, Chi-Chen; Lin, Dai-Chan; Hurng, Baai-Shyun; Chang, Hsing-Yi
2010-04-30Historical spatial range expansion and a very recent bottleneck of Cinnamomum kanehiraeHay. (Lauraceae) in Taiwan inferred from nuclear genesLiao, Pei-Chun; Kuo, Dai-Chang; Lin, Chia-Chia; Ho, Kuo-Chieh; Lin, Tsan-Piao; Hwang, Shih-Ying
2009-07-10Paraphyly of organelle DNAs in Cycas Sect. Asiorientales due to ancient ancestral polymorphismsChiang, Yu-Chung; Hung, Kuo-Hsiang; Moore, Shann-Jye; Ge, Xue-Jun; Huang, Shong; Hsu, Tsai-Wen; Schaal, Barbara A; Chiang, TY
2009-06-27Phylogeography of the Alcippe morrisonia(Aves: Timaliidae): long population history beyond late Pleistocene glaciationsSong, Gang; Qu, Yanhua; Yin, Zuohua; Li, Shouhsien; Liu, Naifa; Lei, Fumin
2013-04-10Assembling contigs in draft genomes using reversals and block-interchangesLi, Chi-Long; Chen, Kun-Tze; Lu, Chin L
2015-07-10Does functional fitness decline in accordance with our expectation? – a pilot study in healthy femaleLee, Yin-Shin; Chang, Li-Ying; Chung, Wei-Hsuan; Lin, Tsung-Ching; Shiang, Tzyy-Yuang
2017-06-06The validity and reliability of the Mandarin Chinese version of the drug abuse screening test among adolescents in TaiwanLiao, Jung-Yu; Chi, Hsueh-Yun; Guo, Jong-Long; Huang, Chiu-Mieh; Shih, Shu-Fang
2016-12-22Functional analysis for gut microbes of the brown tree frog (Polypedates megacephalus) in artificial hibernationWeng, Francis C; Yang, Yi-Ju; Wang, Daryi
2016-06-06Panax ginseng and salvia miltiorrhiza supplementation abolishes eccentric exercise-induced vascular stiffening: a double-blind randomized control trialLin, Hsin-Fu; Tung, Kang; Chou, Chun-Chung; Lin, Ching-Che; Lin, Jaung-Geng; Tanaka, Hirofumi
2018-02-09Transcriptomic response in Acropora muricata under acute temperature stress follows preconditioned seasonal temperature fluctuationsLee, Sonny T M; Keshavmurthy, Shashank; Fontana, Silvia; Takuma, Mezaki; Chou, Wen-Hua; Chen, Chaolun A
2018-01-16Evaluation of the effects of a designated program on illegal drug cessation among adolescents who experiment with drugsChang, Chiu-Ching; Liao, Jung-Yu; Huang, Chiu-Mieh; Hsu, Hsiao-Pei; Chen, Chih-Che; Guo, Jong-Long
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 120