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Title: 從孔子的形象變化論道德仁義禮法的落實─西漢前傳世與出土文獻下的學術發展
the change of Confucius$s image, moral virtue and social order, before the Western Han Dynasty, unearthed and traditional academic literature
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 時代環境、社會政治與學術立場不同,對孔子的認知與形象就有所差別,所以藉由 對孔子的形象變化,即可相對代表不同的學術意義,歸納出學術發展之情形。雖然各界 都同意《論語》是理解孔子最重要之資料,不過限於編輯者之取材以及體例等各種因素, 致使孔子之形象並不全面。例如《左傳》乃最早記錄孔子之資料,然而其中的孔子形象, 即與《論語》大有差別。至於新近諸多戰國簡文中,更出現大量孔子的新形象,以及後 世所稱儒、道、墨、法等不同學派人物的互動記錄。如此現象孰是孰非,或者皆是、或 者皆非,是相當耐人尋味的。然而若能從學術發展的眼光來看,孔子這些不同形象之呈 現,都可代表不同學術視野下對於孔子之學的不同解讀,不同學派人物之往來互動,又 是不同學術思想間之激盪與摩和,正可呈現當時學術發展之更全面狀況。 基於此因緣,本研究乃以孔子的形象變化為主軸,輔以道德、仁義、禮法思想的逐 步向下落實的歷史事實,展現孔子在上承古代學術傳統而進行學術傳播,以至於西漢時 期孔子被型塑為「素王」期間的學術發展情形。同時為求把握較寬廣之學術視野,因而 兼採《左傳》、《禮記》與《易傳》等重要經史傳記、先秦諸子以及西漢今文學派對孔子 「特殊加工」之各項傳世文獻。另外也兼採郭店、上博乃至清華簡等出土文獻中有關孔 子與先秦個學派人物互動之寶貴資料,以綜理出西漢前之學術發展情形。詳細梳理後, 並對其利弊得失進行客觀評價,以為日後學術發展之戒鑑。 本計畫共計三年。第一年,以經史傳記資料中的孔子形象為主,並探討子夏學派對 當期學術發展之影響。第二年,以先秦諸子以及戰國簡文中的孔子形象為主,並探討子 游、荀子學派對當期學術發展之影響。第三年,將從今文學派如何塑造孔子成為「素王」, 且以「六經」為孔子所作之重要形象,探討西漢之學術發展情形及其對後世之影響。
Under the View of Unearthed and Traditional Academic Literature Owing to different environment and academic standpoint we will get the different image of Confucius, then, the academic development shall be grasped trough the Change of Confucius's image. Although all of us agree that " Confucian analects" is the most important material to understand Confucius, but it is out of sufficiently comprehensive. For example, "Annals of Zuo" is the most early records material of Confucius, but its image is different from "Confucian analects". As for recently many Warring States bamboo strips, there are so many new images of Confucius, as well as it shows so many different schools of thought actual interaction record. Which is the right phenomenon in this period, it deserves exploring in depth. However, if we can pay more widely view point on those different images, then, the universal academic development will present. For this cause, this study is based on the change of Confucius's image as the axis, then, combined with the series of moral, virtue and social order to be settled down in historical facts, and finally to shape the academic development before Western Han Dynasty. Meanwhile to grasp the broad academic field of vision, this study concurrently picks "Annals of Zuo", "Ritual Records" and "Yizhuan" and so on the important history academic literature, the works of pre-Qin thinkers, as well as the Western Han Dynasty Jinwen school of thought puts “the special processing” for “the six Confucian classics” to construct special Confucius's image. Moreover also concurrently picks Guodian, Shanghai museum, and Tsinghua bamboo strips which concerned the Change of Confucius's Image. Further to the pre-Qin school of thought character interactive materials, and the special opinions of Jinwen school about Confucius's image before the Western Han Dynasty. Finally, this study will make the objective evaluation about this academic development period. This plan will proceed three years. The first year, the main work will pass through in the important traditional academic materials to catch the Change of Confucius's Image, and discusses the opinions of Zishia school. The second year, will concentrate pre-Qin thinkers as well as all of Warring States strips materials, then, discusses both of Ziiou and Xun Zi school. The third year, will concentrate that Jinwen school how to construct Confucius as “the uncrowned king”, then, discusses this influence of Western Han Dynasty academic development left to the later generation.
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