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Title: 周代人文教化思想探究—以關涉〈周頌〉祭禮文化為主的考察
Exploring the Culture and Education Thoughts in Zhou Dynasty----The Main Investigation of Which Concerning about 'Zhousung(周頌)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 世界各民族之祭禮,都最能反映該民族與所賴以生存之周遭環境之關係,因而祭禮不但 是各民族文化之源頭,同時也是各民族展現其文化特質之所在。由於〈周頌〉之創作,多因 應周初各種特定祭祀之禮而作,若能深入其時空環境與祭禮之詳細狀況,將能充分展現周文 化之特性。然而由於〈周頌〉之文辭簡約,且多為祝禱之詞,若不熟悉相關之禮儀活動,即 無法將詩之內容與其相關之禮義做連結,也無法呈現周文之特質。 綜觀學界對於周代人文思想之研究最有成者,當以徐復觀與唐君毅為代表。儘管兩位學 者都已注意到禮樂與禮彝之重要,卻因各人術業有專攻以及關懷的主題與角度有異,故而都 沒有深入祭禮活動以展現禮樂文化的真精神。由於他們未曾對於〈周頌〉以及〈大雅〉、〈周 書〉等與周文化關係最密切的材料,作全盤的考察與分析,導致抽象意念之表達有餘,可惜 意念之後最重要的文化底層結構並不厚實。 職此之故,本研究擬以「周代人文教化思想探究—以關涉〈周頌〉祭禮文化為主的考察」 為題,從具體區分〈周頌〉之類別以展現〈周頌〉的多元面貌,然後結合相關的祭禮活動, 以豐富的祭禮儀義補實〈周頌〉祝禱文辭之涵義。如此一來,則所謂「功」與「德」之內容 可有具體的行為表現為基礎,則所謂「人文」並非蹈空之虛言,而可以真正展現周代之人文 教化思想。
The rites of the various nationalities in the world can reflect his national relation with surrounding environment depended on for existence most. Therefore the rites are not only sources of various nationalities' culture; it is that the various nationalities represent their special culture at the same time. The most poems of “Zhousung” were created to express the prayers and special thanks of sacrifices. If “Zhousung” can be deepening in detailed states of the environment and rites of its space-time, it can fully represent the characteristic of Zhou dynasty culture. The diction of “Zhousung” is brief, and most of them are prayers and thanksgiving words. If we never familiar with relevant etiquette activity, we can not link the content of poem and rites culture, and we can not present the gentle specialty about “Zhousung”. Take a broad view of academic circles about the human culture in Zhou dynasty, we will find Shi Fugun(徐復觀) and Tang Junyi (唐君毅)are the excellent scholars. Though they have already noticed the importance of rites, music and ritual tools, but they are limited by their own skill, so they never pay much attention in deep rites activity to represent the real spirit of special rites. It's a pity, they never link “Zhousung”, “Daya(大雅)”, “Zhousue(周書)” and so many details which concerning with Zhou dynasty culture to build the true spirit of humanity in Zhou dynasty .Generally, they are superior in concept analyzing but inferior in the most important cultural structure of rites. Reasonably, this research “exploring the culture and education thoughts of people in Zhou dynasty----the main investigation of which concerning about ‘Zhousung(周頌)’ rites culture” wants to repair the gap between human culture and rites culture. When having done this linking study, the content of so-called ' merit ' and ' virtue 'can be based on concrete behavior display. Therefore, so-called ' humanity ' is not only empty timid speech; it will really represent the rites culture in Zhou dynasty to express his human culture.
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