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Title: 從施政策略論〈緇衣〉對孔子理想君道思想之繼承—兼論簡本與今本〈緇衣〉差異現象之意義
On the Inheritance about How to Administer Government Affairs in "Zhiyi" from Confucius' Ideal Monarch Administration--In Addition to Discuss the Meaning of Different Editions in "Zhiyi" Articles
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2007
Publisher: 哲學與文化月刊雜誌社
Abstract: 孔子一生志在從政,而記載孔子理想君道思想最完整而有系統之篇章,限於《論語》之收錄原則,撤而當今文獻中,實應以〈緇衣〉為本。尤其郭店本以及上博本都有〈緇衣〉,因而對照簡文之不岣記載,或可梳理自從孔子以至於今本〈緇衣〉之時,其理想君道思想之繼承情形。由於理想之君道思想應該包含人君典型之樹立、施政原則之確定以及施政策略之貫等三大部分,各有複雜之內容,宜分項詳加論,有則僅就施政策略之部分提出討論。因此,有在敘述為文之動機與目的後,即行討論施策略所據資料之問題,繼此之後,則進入核心議題討論部分,分別從好賢惡惡禮敬大臣、謹言慎行以為臣民表率、與臣民建立良好互動、以恆久不變之毅力貫徹政治實踐等四方面進行討論。最後,提出今本〈緇衣〉之思想乃是立本於孔子之理想君道思想而來。
The collective rules in “Luhnyun” was limited, then, ideal monarch administration should be completely and systematically ordered in “Liijih.Zhiyi”. To consult three different editions among “Lijih.Zhiyi”, Guodian ‘Zhiyi’, and Shanghai museum ‘Zhiyi’, we will understand the inheritance about Confucius’ ideal monarch administration. This article discusses the inheritance about how to administer government affairs in “Zhiyi” from Confucius’ ideal monarch administration, which is one of three important parts in ideal monarch administration. This article includes four parts: First, make a simple preface to express the motives, purpose and discussing sequence. Second, make sure how to correctly choose materials of the strategy of administering government affairs. Third, by ways of following dimensions, such as “showing respect to morally upright officials”, “cautious in words and deeds to sculpture a monarch model”, “building up mutual coherence between monarch and officials”, and “persevering in carrying strategy through”, to fulfill the ideal monarch administration in practice. Fourth, make a conclusion, the thought in “Liijih.Zhiyi” certainly follows the orders of Confucius’ ideal monarch administration.
ISSN: 1015-8383
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